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Power Moons in the Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom are plentiful yet there are not as many in some of the bigger zones. You will be able to find 37 before end game and 18 more afterwards. You arrive in Shiveria to find Frost-Frosted Cake taken by the Cake Thief. Snow kingdom is famous for its racing, so expect to do a lot of racing challenges to be able to get all the moons. You will need 10 power moons to advance to a new kingdom, which shouldn’t be to hard if you just follow the main story quest.

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sand kingdom power moon locations map
Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom Power Moon Locations map

We will also help you find all the power moons in Cascade, Sand, Lake, Wooded, Lost Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Bowser’s Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom and Dark Side.

Snow Kingdom story moons

Collecting these power moons will progress the main story so you unlock all areas and basic moons in this kingdom. You will find 7 moons just doing the main quest stuff and you need 10 to progress to the next kingdom. You can find those three extra in the main quest areas easily. Bowser stole the Frost-Frosted Cake and blocked the access to the races area. Inhabitants are asking you to unblock these barriers so they can get back to their most important pastime.

#1 Icicle Barrier – From the blocked entrance into the races area in Shiveria Town go right into a cave with a huge icicle. Go down the path and climb up to the platform that is basically the top of the huge icicle blocking your way to the power moon. There are three ice covered points and shadows on them. Walk across the shadows to have small icicles drop from the ceiling and destroy the ice. This will release the big icicle and create a pathway towards the power moon (and also unlock one of the barriers for the racing course).
#2 The Gusty Barrier – Cave bottom left of the barred entrance into the races is called the Wind-Chilled Cavern. Posses the cloud shaped enemies that blow wind to blow spiked turtles off of platforms and other obstacles. Get to the last platform to get this moon.
#3 The Snowy Mountain Barrier – go to the passageway top left from the blocked entrance into the races. Get to the top and defeat the Broodal boss.
#4 Ice Wall Barrier – door top right of the blocked raceway entrance takes you into Hollow Crevasse. Pick up the 5 moon fragments and get to the top of the platform using the creatures that pop out of the ground.
#5 The Bound Bowl Grand Prix – Win the race to get the Multi Moon (counts as 3 regular ones). You can reach the race are once you removed the above four barriers.

Super Mario Odyssey Snow Kingdom Power Moons

Before we start listing the various Power Moons in Snow Kingdom, let’s go over the checkpoint flags. They are both convenient land marks and fast travel points. For that reason, a lot of the explanations will use them as reference points. Aside from the Odyssey, the other warp flags are Above the Ice Well, Corner of the Freezing Sea, and Snow Kingdom Clifftop.

#6 Entrance to Shiveria

As you drop down the snow covered well into Shiveria Town turn around and you will see the green pipe that will take you back to the surface. Left of the pipe are some cardboard boxes. Get to the top of them.

#7 Behind Snowy Mountain

Go into Shiveria Town (drop into the well next to the Above the Ice Well flag). From the central part with the fires, go to the two doorways in the left corner, and go through the doorway on the right. This will take you to the Snowy Mountain area. Go to the first post, pull it out with Cappy to activate a wind gust, and use it to reach the upper level. Keep going to the flower trampoline and use it to launch yourself into the second wind gust. When you reach the second post that you can pull it out, leave it alone. Instead, go through the snow wall in the left corner in front of you. Follow the path to the end and collect the moon.

where to find snow kingdom power moon 7

#8 Shining in the Snow in Town

Go into Shiveria Town. Look at the right of the doors on the right. You’ll see a pole you can climb to reach the next level. From there, go left to the three lights in the center. jump onto the first light, then slowly make your way across the rest of them to the other side. Clear up the large bunch of snow towards the corner, and you’ll find the Power Moon in the corner.

#9 Atop a Blustery Arch

Found inside Wind-Chilled Cavern (bottom left door from the once blocked entrance into the raceway). Posses one of the cloud like creatures and move all the way into the top right corner from the entrance. Make sure the obstacle is blown in such way that you can reach the archway shown in the screenshot below.


#10 Caught Hopping in the Snow

Go to the Odyssey, then drop down to the lower area on the right. There’s a rabbit in this area that you need to catch to earn the Power Moon. There’s a treasure chest at the end of this new hallway. Open it to get the moon.

#11 The Shiverian Treasure Chest

Go to the area described in Power Moon #8. When you reach the corner of that Power Moon, keep heading to the left and through the pile of snow through the buried doorway.

#12 Treasure in the Ice wall

Go to the top right door from the once blocked entrance into the raceway and enter Hollow Crevasse. There is a ledge you can grab onto when jumping toward the main story moon. Shimmy to the right and you’ll find a treasure chest with the moon inside.


#13 Snow Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

Travel to the Corner of the Freezing Sea checkpoint flag. Go to the right of the flag, and you’ll find the scarecrow that you can capture to start the platforming puzzle. Quickly hop over to the Power Moon. You don’t have to hit every platform, you can just hop into the water and onto the bigger platform.

#14 Snow Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

Warp to the Odyssey. From the front of it, you would normally go onto an ice bridge. Drop under it to find the second scarecrow. Possess it and complete the platforming section to reach the Power Moon.

#15 Moon Shards in the Snow

Drop down to the area to the right of the Odyssey, where you hunted the rabbit from Power Moon #10. You’ll find the first of five Moon Shards. From there, go to the base of the snow pillar the Odyssey is on to find the second one. Pass the scarecrow and go around the next iceberg and towards the small bridge. You’ll see another Moon Shard on the little ice platforms. Hang a left, and you’ll come across the next shard in the water, surrounded by golden coins. Then, go to Above the Ice Well and jump onto the shortest ice pillar surrounding the Ice Well. The Power Moon will appear next to the flag you just warped to.

#16 Taking Notes: Snow Path Dash

Travel to the Above the Ice Well checkpoint. Turn around, and you’ll spot the treble clef on a platform across the small lake. Follow the trail of notes to the end, and there’s your Power Moon.

#17 Fishing in the Glacier

Go to the area that’s to the right and below the Odyssey (see Power Moon #10). Walk towards opening at the end of this strip of snow and capture the Lakitu there. Fish for the larger Cheep Cheep shadow and reel it in.

#18 Ice-Dodging Goomba Stack

Enter the hallway right of the once blocked race course entrance in Shiveria Town. As you follow the path you should posses one of the goombas and stack up on the others. There’s an arrow shaped floor panel with number 4 on it on a rock nearby. Wait for an icicle to drop and jump on top of it to reach the pressure plate. This will uncover the hidden moon.

Ice Dodging Goomba Stack snow kingdom power moon

#19 Captain Toad is Chilly!

Warp back to Above the Ice Well. Turn around, go back a bit, and head to the right, past the small cluster of coins, across the bit of water, and straight up the hill. You’ll find a snow pile blocking an entrance into a cave. Clear it out, and you’ll find Toad. Chat with him a bit to get the Power Moon.

how to get power moon 19 in snow kingdom

#20 I’m Not Cold!

Head over to the Crazy Cap in Shiveria Town and purchase the Boxer Shorts for 1000 golden coins. Exit the store and talk to the Shiverian standing just across the hallway, and he’ll give you a moon.

#21 Shopping in Shiveria

Buy the moon in Shiveria Town shop for 100 gold coins.

#22 Walking on Ice!

Warp to Corner of the Freezing Sea checkpoint flag. There’s a red door right next to it, so go inside. Talk to the Koopa you meet there, and he’ll task you to walk in a triangle. Walk the lines as best as you can. You need to score at least 80 points to earn the Power Moon.

#23 Snowline Circuit Class S

Win the race in Shiver town once again, after doing it for the main story quest.

#24 Dashing Over Cold Water

Go to the Above the Ice Well checkpoint. Look to the right, and you’ll see the platforms with the three blue penguins. Head over there, and on the other side, you’ll notice a door blocked by the snow. Clear it up and go inside. Complete the obstacle course using the rocket flowers and collect the moon that’s next to the Warp Pipe.

#25 Dashing Above and Beyond

Complete the platforming section mentioned above, but don’t stop at the warp pipe. Instead, keep boosting uphill to the top. Make sure you don’t hit the blocks on your way up. This is the sequence: two on the sides, one in the middle, and two more on the sides at the very top.

#26 Jump ‘n’ Swim in the Freezing Water

First step, warp to the Odyssey. Drop down from the right side of the ice bridge in front of it. Walk around the large ice ledge to the other side and throw Cappy onto the blue scarecrow to open the door. The platforming section in front of you is fairly linear, but the catch is that you’ll have to use pillars of freezing water to move through the area. Speed will be of the essence, because the water will kill you pretty quickly. When you reach the last platform, the long one next to the Goomba Tower and the five blocks, you’ll have to wait for it to go up, then swim downwards to reach the moon and the warp pipe.

#27 Freezing Water Near the Ceiling

Go through the freezing water platforming section mentioned above. When you get to the last platform, don’t jump into the water. Instead, wait for the platform to go down, then jump onto it. From there, swing on the horizontal poles and right into the freezing water with the Power Moon. Then, you can either complete the section, or warp away.

#28 Blowing and Sliding

Warp over to Above the Ice Well and capture the Ty-foo there. From there, go to the south corner and around the ice ledge, and you’ll see a block that you can blow away and reveal the hidden red door. Capture the Ty-foo that’s inside. You have to blow the two puzzle pieces and fit them into the holes. One part of the hole is green, and the other is red. One puzzle piece is red at the bottom, and the other is green. Solve the puzzle to create a staircase and free the Power Moon.

#29 Moon Shards in the Cold Room

Purchase the Snow Hood and Snow Suit at the Shiveria Town Crazy Cap (it’ll cost 15 Regional Coins). Then, climb the pole (see Power Moon #8) and talk to the Shiverian standing next to the door with a padlock. Inside the new room, there’s an 8-bit platforming section you’ll have to solve while collecting the five Moon Shards. Four shards are pretty simple to get; only the fifth is a bit difficult. From the warp pipe, drop down the platform. Then, turn around and crouch to wedge yourself under the platform. Simply start and keep jumping until you get to the last shard. This way, you’ll be able to avoid the Spinies more easily.

#30 Slip Behind the Ice

Go into the 8-bit platforming section described in the previous entry and make your way to the platform right above warp pipe, where one of the Moon Shards is. Hop up to reveal the hidden blocks above and use them to reach the upper platform. Go to the left and leap across the chasm to collect the Power Moon.

#31 Spinning Above the Clouds

Teleport to the Ice Well warp flag. Jump onto the wall on the left and break the ice to free the seed. Pick it up and go back to the area where the Odyssey is. At one point, you’ll have to drop the seed and use Cappy to pop the post out and release the wind gust. Then, pick up the seed and fly up to the ship. Cross the ice bridge (mind the Ty-foo), plant the seed and climb the beanstalk. This platforming section is a bit tricky, especially in the beginning, where you’ll have to aim for the moving flower trampolines. Use your shadows to guide you. Don’t get greedy for the rings in the beginnning. When vertical rings start appearing, use them to guide you to the end of this section and the Power Moon.

#32 High-Altitude Spinning

Go to the platforming section described above. Play it as you normally would until you reach the fourth tornado. Except, this time, instead of heading right, go left to pick up the hidden Power Moon.

#33 Secret Path to Shiveria

To reach the Snow Kingdom Clifftop area, and the Power Moon there, you’ll have to go through a painting. Once you complete Metro Kingdom, you’ll have the choice between Snow Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom. If you choose Snow Kingdom first first, the painting you want will be in Mushroom Kingdom. If you choose Snow Kingdom second, it’ll be in Bowser’s Kingdom. Check out our Super Mario Odyssey Warp Painting Locations guide for more info. Once you find the painting you want, warp through to Snow Kingdom, activate the checkpoint, and open the chest.

#34 Found with Snow Kingdom Art

In Shiveria Town, just left of where you drop in, you’ll find some Hint Art on the wall. You road now takes you to Lost Kingdom. Once there, go to the area where Tropical Wigglers are. Find the area pictured in the Hint Art, and go to the tree with exposed roots. Ground Pound the appropriate root to reveal the Power Moon.

#35 Snow Kingdom Regular Cup

After you’ve completed the main story, head back to Snow Kingdom and find the Koopa that offers to take part in Koopa Freerunning. Complete the course in first place, and you’ll get the Power Moon as a reward.

#36 Hat-and-Seek in the Snow

Once you’ve defeated Bowser, return to Snow Kingdom and go to the Snowline Circuit area. You’ll notice that one Shiverian seems very very odd; pretty clearly someone wearing a disguise. It’s a Bonneter, and he’ll give you a Power Moon so you wouldn’t rat him out after you talk to him.

#37 Peach in the Snow Kingdom

Peach goes on a trip around the world after the final events of the game. You can find her and Tiara in Snow Kingdom, and they’ll give you a Power Moon when you talk to them. They’re chilling, pardon the pun, in the Shiveria Town main chamber.

End game Snow Kingdom Power Moons

After you beat the game you can come back to Snow kingdom for end game content. Find the Moon Rock to reveal 17 additional Power moons.

#38 Shining on High
#39 Above the Freezing Fish Pond
#40 Ice Floe Swimming
#41 Icy Jump Challenge
#42 Forgotten inn the Holding Room
#43 It Popped Out of the Ice
#44 Deep in the Cold, Cold Water
#45 Water Pooling in the Crevasse
#46 Squirming Under the Ice
#47 Snow Kingdom Timer Challenge 3
#48 Stacked-Up Ice Climb
#49 I Met a Snow Cheep Cheep
#50 Even More Walking on Ice
#51 Snow Kingdom Master Cup
#52 Iceburn Circuit Class A
#53 Iceburn Circuit Class S
#54 Running the Flower Road
#55 Looking Back on the Flower Road
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