AC Origins Anubis Outfit is Finally Here, Trials of The Gods Active Again

Anubis outfit is finally available in Assassin’s Creed Origins. If you’ve been following the Trials of the Gods, you might remember this costume was the reward we were promised for completing them all. The time has come to claim it, as all three trials are now available again. You can catch up if you’ve missed any, getting a bunch of weapons along the way.

ac origins anubis outfit
AC Origins Anubis Outfit is Finally Here, Trials of The Gods Active Again

If you didn’t have the time to finish a particular trial, they’re all back now – Anubis, Sobek and Sekhmet. They’ll stick around until December 26th this time. If haven’t beaten any of them, you won’t be able to get the outfit this time, sadly. You will, however, be able to get the other unique items that comes as rewards, and prepare for their return, which will probably happen in two weeks.

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If you’ve already cleared all three, you just need to defeat one of them again. When you do, you’ll get the Scales of Truth and the Anubis Outfit. The scales are a bow that shoots out multiple arrows and is extremely precise. A perk grants it an extra arrow fired with each shot, but the downside is that it has really low critical hit damage.

The ouftit doesn’t influence your stats, and truth be told, doesn’t look particularly interesting. Apart from the hood, that is. The hood is a replica of the head of Anubis, and it’s pretty terrifying, with the long, sharp ears, the menacing fangs and the vacant eyes. The hood alone makes it one of the most interesting armor sets, on par with the ancient Isu Armor.

If we’re being honest, the trials themselves weren’t really all that fun. They were really lacking in variety, and the fights were too similar. The prizes are what makes them a worthwhile pursuit, in the end.

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  1. D

    I agree with you on all of it If you ask me they should’ve done much more gods and much more differences.The armor (besides the hood) was poor they should’ve given us at least the outfit of the Anubis we fight. The trials bow should’ve been Jackal’s Gaze from the side quest smoke over water save the best bow for far more worthy activity that gives matching weapons.The fights are easy to get the hang of you might die 4 or 5 times but defeating 30+ gods its no big deal.The most annoying part of trials is after you already claim your outfit after that there’s no real reason to stick around other than XP and gold. oh what they give an occasional weekly challenge give us a golden Anubis item whatever the items wont be plentful they might just be reskins of what we already have idk that just yet but i’ll update this once i know from this challenge.Still overall they lacked expectations and gave us a crumby bow and a somewhat ok outfit at the end THE END FOR FUCK SAKE COME ON NOW HERE.

    1. D

      UPDATE Ok so I just got the sword sunslayer yup figuredd they cant add the anubis logo to anything maybe a sickle sword but we have the immitation siwan khoseph. Other than being gold the sword it self don’t change stats however critical hit rate full bars combo still the same the legendary perk change from health on kill to critical looking at the legend of attributes and what they do i find health on crit when below 20% health all attacks do crit. What exactly does this mean? Do all my crits when im not 20% health give me hp? Or just for the 20% hp moment? Naturally i tested this out I see no sign of hp given by the sword it sure as hell don’t fill another bar of hp just below 20%. I know it wasnt the sword that gave me hp is it the same hp back for hp on hit or when u regen mid combat.Best not be crit attacks diserve to give us at least 3-5% back.miGht be a glitch because this seems unfair scrath that its unfair the description of the perk should say all crits give hp i like the 20% hp crits all around keep that in for sure.The crit hit rate will be making all crit hp a more balanced weapon this weapon crit chance is offten enough to the point u can stand a chance in horde morde or reg combat.It just confuses me to see the hp only on 20% and not for my other hits.

  2. A
    Anton Fields

    This is a joke! Completed all 3 and nowhere did it tell me I had to kill 1 of them again! Probably means now that i’ll never get the outfit!

  3. Z

    I couldn’t defeat sobek and anubis is there any way to get anubis outfit?

  4. B
    Brandon Taylor

    If you have yet to participate in the Trial of the Gods (Anubis, Sekmet, Sobek) or if you have yet to start a NEW GAME + here is an easy way to get the Anubis Armor in One Day.

    1) First you must have completed the Campaign and have NOT started a NEW GAME + yet.
    2) Wait for a weekend that ALL Trials (Anubis, Sekmet, Sobek) are taking place at once.
    3) Complete the Trials on your Completed Campaign File. (This gives you 3/4 weapons needed to unlock the Anubis armor).

    (IMPORTANT) Here’s where things get interesting. On a single game file you can only obtain a single weapon per Trial completion. However, When you start a NEW GAME + you start the campaign over with ALL previous weapons, inventory, skills, and player level from the first file while ALL the quests get reset. (THAT MEANS TRIAL OF THE GODS TOO!)

    4) Start a NEW GAME + and play the campaign quests till its time to go to Alexandria. The Trial of the Gods quests become playable at this time. Teleport back to Siwa and travel to the Trial of Anubis.
    5) Defeat Anubis for the 2nd time. Get the 4th and final weapon, and presto you have the Anubis Armor. And it takes maybe an hour.

    You are WELCOME!

  5. E

    I unlocked Anubis outfit by accident. I fought Sobek two times in a row and I unlocked it. I hope this will help.

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