FFXV Assassin's Festival Unlockable Items & Rewards

Assassin’s Festival is a new DLC for Final Fantasy XV, which adds a special event in Lestallum. While you’re there, you can earn Assassin Medallions, which can be traded in for prizes. Some of those rewards can be transferred into the main game, while others are strictly for use at the festival. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all FFXV Assassin’s Festival unlockable items & rewards.

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ffxv assassin's festival unlockable items rewards
FFXV Assassin’s Festival Unlockable Items & Rewards

Assassin’s Festival Items That Carry Over To The Main Game

Here’s a list of all the items you can unlock and carry over into the main game, and how to get them:

  • Master Assassin’s Robe – Get the Dream Egg from the Moogle-Chocobo Carnival, and you’ll automatically receive this outfit.
  • Medjay Assassin’s Robe – Holly will give you these when you talk to her at the festival.
  • Medjay Assassin’s Shield – Complete Assassin’s Tresure quest and In Searh of Truth And Treasure quest.
  • Chocobo camera filter – Buy the Viva La Vista magazine for 30 Assassin Medallions.
  • Assassin photo frame – Buy it for 90 medallions.
  • Assassin Mascot car decal – Buy it for 20 medallions.
  • Assassin’s Insignia car decal – Play assassin’s luck drawing, choosing “special” until you get it.
  • Serum skewer recipe – Buy the meal from the bartender at the Square Enix Cafe.
  • Haystack Assassination Medal – Perform a particular assassination, then talk to the man on the roof across from the hotel.
  • Garbage Assassination Medal – Same as above.
  • Doorway Assassination Medal – Same as above.
  • Air Assassination Medal – Same as above.
  • Lestallum Speedway Medal – Win a particular chocobo race.
  • Meteor Circuit Medal – Same as above.

There are some more items you can buy with the medallions, but they’re all available in the main game as well – things like car colors, fishing line, etc. There are also other new items that don’t transfer, like the Magitek Wrench. They can be used at the festival, but will perish once the event is over. Since there’s no shortage of special assassin coins, we suggest you try them out while there’s time.

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