AC Origins Trial of Sekhmet - How to Beat Trials of The Gods

Trial of Sekhmet is the latest Trial of the Gods in Assassin’s Creed Origins. It pits you against a giant cat-god in the middle of the desert, and rewards you with a unique shield. The boss is pretty similar to the previous two, so if you haven’t had issues with them, you probably won’t have any with Sekhmet either. If you do get stuck, simply scroll down and we’ll give you some advice on how to beat Trial of Sekhmet in AC Origins.

ac origins trial of sekhmet
AC Origins Trial of Sekhmet

How to defeat Sekhmet?

If you’ve fought Anubis or Sobek, you know the drill – avoid the attacks, shoot the glowing orb on its chest, kill the adds when they appear. Same old, same old. Make sure you equip a quick bow, since you won’t have much time to aim.

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This fight is a bit harder than the previous ones, due to lowered visibility. The entire screen will be painted in an auburn hue, which will make the red attack markers harder to notice. The two most basic attacks are a ring of fire and fireballs. The boss signals before both of them with red shapes on the ground, so keep your eyes glued to the sand.

When you see Sekhmet raising her hands to her head, run towards her. She’ll shoot out a beam of light at you, and the best way to dodge it is to run straight at her. When she summons the skeletons, make sure you kill them promptly – this will damage her as well, and leave you with a cleaner battlefield.

If you run out of ammo, look for pouches across the arena – they’ll replenish your arrows. Once you’ve won, you’ll get the Tomb Protector shield, which offers pretty great protection from both melee and ranged attacks, and puts enemies to sleep when you block with it.

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  1. K

    How many times do you have to kill it? I have killed it twice now and got nothing but points.

  2. B

    I killed it 3 times and i got a sword not a shield like this guy says.

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