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The second secret in AC: Syndicate can be found in the City of London area. From the picture in the menu, you can see the Abbot’s building in the distance and a monument in the middle of the square as hints of where you need to look for the music box.
Collecting all music boxes helps you unlock Aegis armor for Evie Frye. Stanza that accompanies the hint image is part of the “Tom o’ Bedlam” anonymous song that is used as term to describe beggars and vagrants.

secret 2 hint City of London

Secret #02 Location

Secret #2 is found in the City of London, roughly a block south from the Financial District. To get to it, head along the main road that leads across London Bridge. You’ll reach a square with a statue in it. The Secret is on a stool across from the statue and beneath a sign for Abbot’s Cocoa.

In-game stanza

While I do sing, any food
Feeding drink or clothing?
Come dame or maid, be not afraid,
Poor Tom will injure nothing.


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    Actually found across from the statue under a sing that read Herbington’s Tea.

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