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The twenty-sixth secret can be found in Whitechapel, the starting area of the game. The menu shows a picture of some gravestones as a clue, along with a stanza from Mad Maudlin’s Search. When you get this and all the other collectible secrets, you’ll get a Master Assasin outfit – Aegis armor for Evie. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Secret #26 in AC: Syndicate.

secret 26 whitechapel solution guide

Secret #26 Location

Secret #26 is in Whitechapel. You’ll first have to find St. Mary Matfelon’s church, in the southern part of the area, southwest of the viewpoint. It’s a big, stone building – you’ll know it when you see it.

When you do that, enter the church’s graveyard, located at its south wall. Go past the grave with the cage and look at the next one, to the side of the tree, with a tall tombstone. You’ll find the music box on the stone slab of the grave.

In-Game Verses

I went down to Satan’s kitchen
To break my fast one morning
And there I got souls piping hot
All on the spit a-turning.

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