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ac syndicate secret 17 guide

Secret #17 Guide

AC Syndicate’s secret seventeen is hidden in the City of London borough. The picture in the Secrets of London menu points to a rooftop with…

secret 7 location the strand

Secrets of London

Secrets of London are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. They can be obtained by finding Reuge’s Vault in the city, then solving a series of…


Secret #18 Location

Secret #18 is in Whitechapel district, close to the viewpoint there. In-game image, that serves as a hint to music box’s location, shows a big…

secret 26 whitechapel solution guide

Secret #26 Guide

The twenty-sixth secret can be found in Whitechapel, the starting area of the game. The menu shows a picture of some gravestones as a clue,…