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Secret #18 is in Whitechapel district, close to the viewpoint there. In-game image, that serves as a hint to music box’s location, shows a big chimney in the distance. That’s the viewpoint so that’s the best place to start your search. The verses that go along with the image are part of anonymous poem “Tom o’ Bedlam” (more info to be found at this Wikipedia page). According to the Wikipedia the term “Tom o’ Bedlam” was used in Early Modern Britain and later to describe beggars and vagrants who had or feigned mental illness.
These Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate collectibles reward you with a special armor for Evie, once you find them all.


Secret #18 Location

First, go to the Viewpoint of the area – a tall brick chimney. Climb up it and look at a building to the southwest, along the street and past some trees. You’ll have to get to the top of that building, either by climbing it or by using your rope launcher. When you get there, you’ll find the music box at the edge of the building’s roof.

In-game stanza

The Gipsys, Snap and Pedro
Are none of Tom’s comradoes,
The punk I scorn, and the cutpurse sworn
And the roaring boy’s bravadoes.

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