Secret #07 Walkthrough | AC: Syndicate

The seventh Secret of London is set in The Strand. The hint picture from the collectibles menu shows a gazebo in a park, while the stanza comes from the second verse of the Tom o’Bedlam poem.
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Finding this and all the other secrets will grant you access to a powerful outfit for Evie – the Aegis armor. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Secret #07 in AC: Syndicate.

Secret #07 Solution

Secret #07 is in the Strand District. Go to the southwest corner of St. Pancras’ Station and look across the street. There’s a small park with a gazebo in the center of it. The sound of the quartet playing in the park masks the music from the box. Go around the gazebo, to the other side, and you’ll find the music box lying on a suitcase.

In-Game Stanza

Of thirty bare years have I
Twice twenty been enraged
And of forty been three times fifteen
In durance soundly caged


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