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Secrets of London are collectibles in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. They can be obtained by finding Reuge’s Vault in the city, then solving a series of riddles that uncover their locations.
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When you collect them all and bring them back to the vault, you’ll receive the Aegis armor for Evie. This guide will show you Secrets of London locations in AC: Syndicate.

Secret #01 Westminster

Secret number one is hidden in the western part of town, near Buckhingham Palace. You’ll find it in St. James’ park, near the border with The Strand. Go to the north part of the park, and look next to the cottage.

Secret #02 City of London

This secret can be found in the City of London area, all the way to the east. Find a building with the Abbot’s Cocoa sign, on a square with a monument. The music box is on a small chair in front of the building slightly to the southeast of the statue.
Click here for a more detailed guide of Secret #02 location

Secret #03 Location

The third secret is on a boat in the Thames. Go to the southern part of the river, right next to the House of Parliament. You’ll see an anchored steamboat in the middle of the river, near the bridge. The box is on the top of the captain’s cabin.

Secret #04 Map

The fourth secret is in the Westminster Area, right in front of Buckingham Palace. Look for a crate in the trees in the southwestern corner of St. James’ park. The box is on the crate.

Secret #05 Lambeth

This one can be found in the eastern part of Lambeth. It’s across the street from Lambeth Asylum, on the roof of a building.

Secret #06 Guide

The sixth secret is in the southwestern corner of Lambeth, near the river. The music box is on a coil of rope next to the house closest to the Thames.

Secret #07 The Strand

Secret number 7 is located in The Strand borough. In the northwestern part of the zone, there’s a gazebo with musicians playing, across the road from the long, gray building. The box is on a chest next to the gazebo.

Secret #08 Location

This one is Lambeth, in the northeastern corner. It’s right on top of the factory chimney that serves as a viewpoint.

Secret #09 Southwark

secret 9 location ac syndicateThe ninth secret is in the western part of Southwark, west of Waterloo Station. You’ll find it on a barrel by the river, north of the bridge that divides Southwark from Lambeth.

Secret #10 Map

Secret number ten is in the middle of The Strand. It’s on the roof of the National Gallery, on a small terrace in the northeast – look for a small table with books.

Secret #11 City of London

This one is in the western part of the City of London borough. Go to the square surrounded by tall buildings, north of Paddington Station. The music box is on top of the Dolman building, the one with the large signs on top of it.
Click here for full Secret #11 walkthrough

Secret #12 Guide

The twelfth secret is in Southwark. It can be found on the roof of a building to the northeast of Waterloo Station, right by the tracks. The box is on a small crate.

Secret #13 Westminster

The thirteenth secret is in Westminster, right next to the House of Parliament. It’s on one of the benches in the small park.

Secret #14 The Thames

This one is on a boat in the river. It is located a bit to the east from the railway bridge next to Cannon Street Station. The music box is on the roof.

Secret #15

This is the one you’ll automatically get when you enter Reuge’s Vault.

Secret #16 Location

Secret number sixteen is in the Covent Garden in the eastern part of The Strand. It’s on the lower floor, under one of the staircases that lead up.

Secret #17 Map

This one is in the City of London area. Go to Holborn Viaduct, then go a little to the west, until you reach a church. The music box is on the roof of the building across the road from it.

Secret #18 Whitechapel

Secret eighteen is in Whitechapel, down the street (to the west) of the viewpoint. It’s only a few houses down, on the roof of the building after the trees.
Click here for full walkthrough

Secret #19 Lambeth

This secret can be found in the area surrounding Lambeth Palace. Go north until you hit the outer wall, then look for a tree stump. The music box is on it.

Secret #20 Location

The twentieth secret is in The Thames area, on the northwest border of Southwark. You’ll find it on one of the columns of the bridge that leads to Charing Cross Station, down by the water.

Secret #21 Map

This one is also in the Thames zone. It is on a bench on London Bridge, in the eastern part of the area (between the City of London and Southwark).

Secret #22 Guide

The next one is in the northern part of Whitechapel. Go down to the railroad tracks (below street level) and look for an improvised shelter. The music box will be next to it.

Secret #23 City of London

This secret is in the City of London borough. When you’re at Kenway Mansion (in the northern part of the area), go east until you see a park. There’s a gazebo in it, and you’ll find the box on a bench nearby.

Secret #24 Southwark

Secret twenty-four is in the middle of Southwark. It’s a bit south from the central viewpoint – get to it, then follow the railroad. Before you reach a crossroads, you’ll see a wooden platform on the left side. Jump on it – the box will be there.

Secret #25 The Strand

This one is in The Strand. Go to Charing Cross Station, then head southwest for a little. You’ll find the music box on a balcony.

Secret #26 Whitechapel

This one is in Whitechapel. It’s at the graveyard by St. Mary Matfelon church, on one of the graves. You can read a more detailed guide here.

Secret #27 Map

This secret is in Southwark, in the far eastern part. It’s near the coal factory, right next to one of the round containers.

Secret #28 Guide

The twenty eighth secret is in Westminster. You’ll find it just north of the House of Parliament, by the river. It’s on the ledge on a terrace in one of the fancy buildings by the Thames.

Secret #29 Whitechapel

This secret is in the eastern part of Whitechapel, in the residential area. It’s southeast of the viewpoint, on a pile of rubble next to one of the houses.

Secret #30 Westminster

This one is in the Westminster area, in the park north of Buckingham Palace. The music box is on a tree stump, on the right side of the road.

Secret #31 Location

This collectible is located in the Westminster zone, a tad north of Victoria Station. It is placed atop a wooden table in one of the back yards.

Secret #32 Guide

The last secret is in Westminster, in the southwestern corner of the borough. You’ll find it on top of the building just south of Belgrave Square.


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  1. P
    Pat Edwards

    i8 collected them all and it wont unlock ??? is this a glitch

    1. K

      No, it should have worked.

      After collecting them all did you go back to the vault where the armor is located?
      You should have been prompted to put each of the pieces into a small pillar where you have to walk around the whole room doing that. After each piece in in place, you will see a part of the chamber unlock.

      1. D

        I collected them all, put them into the slots but for some reason it won’t let me out in the last slot

  2. K

    I cannot see or hear the music box on the stump or next to the cat and Westminster am I doing something wrong ??

  3. A

    I can not get the bottom of the vault to open. I have all the secrets too. My daughter plays the game on the same Xbox, under her account and had no issues. I have tried numerous times in the past month and it still isn’t letting me get the outfit.

  4. P

    thanks alot this worked for me on ps4

  5. I

    can some one tel me how you inlock the armore for him ??

  6. M

    In the city of London it says there are 5 secrets of London. I can only find 4. What’s the 5th? Is there a 5th?

    1. J

      It’s in the vault 🙂

  7. T
    Tom ocallaghan

    @Mari.same here stuck at city of London with 4 out of 5 secrets can’t find the fifth.please help

  8. T
    Tom ocallaghan

    Finally got it had to collect the last one as evie. Even though I had already collected it as Jacob ??

  9. B

    Nice site, helpful, I wish the map pics were less grainy, a bit hard to make out the icons

  10. I
    It’s Joe yo

    So I found every Secret of London but for some reason it says that I’m missing one in Westminster and I’ve checked all the spots multiple times but they’re not there. So I’m confused on what to do. Need help

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