Secret #11 - City of London | AC: Syndicate

Eleventh secret in Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate is located in the City of London in-game district, at the southeast corner of Ludgate Circus. Image attached to the Secret #11 file in the game shows us a train station, so this is where I first went when looking for the music box. For those of you who do not know, these music boxes are part of the Secrets of London collection, that, once completed, rewards you with a Master Assassin armor for Evie.

secret 11 hint city of london

Secret #11 location

From the southwest viewpoint go a bit east until you reach Ludgate Circus intersection (big, circular, crossroad with big buildings that have lots of signs on them). Look for the Doleman & Co Cloakmaker Building adjoining the square. There is a Cockham Merchants sign at the top of the building. Scale the building and climb over the sign, dropping onto the roof on the other side. Head down to a small terrace that overlooks Cannon St. Station. The Secret is next to the wooden platform.

Tom o’ Bedlam stanza

The spirits white as lightning
Would on my travels guide me
The stars would shake and the moon would quake
Whenever they espied me.

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