AC Unity Dies Suger's Legacy Riddles guide

Dies is the seventh and final Suger’s Legacy. These are a set of missions in the free Dead Kings DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Unity that, once all completed, reward you with a unique sword Eagle of Suger.
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Dies enigma takes us back to where the whole Suger’s Legacy began – St. Denis Basilica. All riddle solutions can be found on the Basilica and riddles are not that difficult. In case you prefer watching a video scroll to the end of the article where you’ll find a video walkthrough with all locations shown.

Dies Suger’s Legacy Starting Location

1st Dies Riddle Solution

Of the day’s lodestar
An imperfect brother
A flower as close and as far
As my doppelganger.

The first riddle is a bit confusing. I looked for anything that resembles a flower. I remembered that in one of the Nostradamus Enigmas they reffered to a Notre Dame window as a flower, so I turned to the Basilica and saw a similar flower window across where the starting grave is. Climbing to it proved me right and I solved the first Dies riddle.

2nd Dies Riddle Solution

Seven of us we count
To the LORD’S day’s tower
Of Saint Denis’ paramount
Its base shines brighter

I am not sure if game’s writers were a bit tired of riddles at this point, but clearly this said the solution is at the base of the Saint Denis Basilica tower. I think that “Seven of us we count” refers to the arches on the roof of the Basilica from the flower (in the previous riddle) to the tower. I went to the tower and found the solution at its base.

3rd Dies Riddle Solution

Under the zenith
Never has water
From the font holier
Been so brightly lit!

With no initial idea where to look I started going towards the main (west) entrance into the Basilica As I searched around I heard a faint chime coming from somewhere above. Above the entrance is that secret room Suger resided in and where the whole Suger’s Legacy questline began. I think game developers thought it would be appropriate to end our riddle solving adventure where it all began, so I climbed up to the room and there was an empty font there with sun shining on it. That was the solution to the third and final riddle of Dies Suger’s Legacy. If you did all these by the number you should be able to pick up Eagle of Suger sword next to this room.Here’s a video walkthrough for those of you that found our descriptions and screenshots above lacking or you just prefer watching videos.