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AC Unity Dead Kings Suger's Legacy V - Crux Third Riddle Solution

Crux Suger’s Legacy V Guide

Before you can start Sequence 13 memory 4 – “Raising the Dead” you have to complete two Suger’s Legacies Crux and Diabolus. Starting location for…

dies sugers legacy third riddle solution font

Dies Suger’s Legacy Riddles guide

Dies is the seventh and final Suger’s Legacy. These are a set of missions in the free Dead Kings DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Unity that,…

noctis sugers legacy

Noctis Suger’s Legacy

Noctis is marked as the sixth Suger’s Legacy. It is another enigma style mission that gets unlocked once you complete Sequence 13, Memory 3 main…

natura sugers legacy

Natura Suger’s Legacy

Suger’s Legacies are what enigmas were before Dead Kings DLC was released. Natura is labeled as the fourth Legacy puzzle and its start can be…

ac unity morbum sugers legacy start

Morbum Suger’s Legacy

Morbum is the second Suger’s Legacy enigma in Dead Kings DLC. It gets revealed once you finish the third main story mission (and complete guided…