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Morbum is the second Suger’s Legacy enigma in Dead Kings DLC. It gets revealed once you finish the third main story mission (and complete guided Legacies as part of it).
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All the riddle solutions are close to the starting point and the general theme of the enigma is the plague. Morbum means sickness so this is not a surprise. Just like with all the other Dead Kings Enigmas you can find tips for solving this one in St. Denis Basilica (that “secret” room in between the two towers where you first did Suger’s Legacies for the main quest – check out the book shelves for tips).

Morbum Suger’s Legacy Starting Location

You can start the enigma by interacting with the rune sign found on top of a tower in northeast Basilica region of Franciade
Watch the video guide bellow or skip to screenshots and textual explanation.

1st Morbum Riddle Solution

Ours the most injurious
Of all banes known to men,
For not if, merely when,
Black death shall follow our curse.

This clearly speaks of the plague, or the Black death as it was called. The question was where to find people with the disease, because, surely, riddlee’s solution would be close by. I figured the first solution is close to the starting point and I descended the tower, only to hear the familiar chime of a nearby rune close to a tent located northwest.

2nd Morbum Riddle Solution

In a street such christened
One should wager
That the black death reigns,
Spread by this tiny stranger.

It is clear you should look for a street bearing the name of a rat. There are several streets nearby and they have street name signs, but the street you’re looking for is really close by. Underneath the street name sign you’ll find the solution to the second Morbum riddle.

3rd Riddle Solution

The plague has two forms
One of death and molder.
Another is our swarms
Feeding on cadaver.

Third riddle talks about rats so I went around looking for them. I didn’t have to go far before I heard the enigma rune sound next to a large group of rats. Activating the rune solved the third riddle and completed Morbum Suger’s Legacy.

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