Assassin's Creed Unity Natura Suger's Legacy guide

Suger’s Legacies are what enigmas were before Dead Kings DLC was released. Natura is labeled as the fourth Legacy puzzle and its start can be found in the Windmill district.
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It is connected to nature’s elements and all riddles make reference to them so you will be hunting for air, fire, earth and water. All solutions are found in the same district, but you’ll have to explore it a bit before completion.

Natura Suger’s Legacy Starting Location

We have a full screenshot guide with explanations bellow, but if you prefer watching a video we prepared that for you as well (please subscribe on our YT channel ;))

1st Natura Riddle Solution

Ground the daily wheat,
Ere the colossal cross,
Worn by the ages,
Aided by a horse.

People used to employ horses or cattle to turn a big stone wheel that grinds up wheat into flour. Windmills can be used for the same purpose when weather conditions are appropriate. First Natura riddle made me check out the nearby windmill and I found the solution at its base. First riddle covers the element of air.

2nd Natura Suger’s Legacy Riddle Solution

Our elements combined
Make for glowing mire,
In the sylvan entwined
Crown of rock and fire.

Initially I had no idea what this was about. The only thing I thought was right was that I need to look for a mire. I went around the windmill location and in the southwest corner ground was cover with fog. I figured that must be the mire they are talking about and upon further investigation I came across a lit fire with big stones placed nearby, which coincided with the text of the riddle. I found the solution to the second Natura riddle on a big rock.

3rd Riddle Solution

While in the sacred grove
Fire elements compile,
Left out that which flows
Abandoned for a while.

Water is the only element we haven’t discovered yet and I know that there are no rivers or streams in Francinade.I went exploring the surrounding hoping to find some sort of “abandoned water” and going north I heard the familiar chime of a nearby rune. Sure enough it was located next to a closed down well. This was the solution to the third riddle and an ending to Natura Suger’s Legacy.

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    FYI for part 1 there are 2 symbols on the base of the windmill one either side, this had me confused which is why I looked up a guide in the first place
    (and a great guide it is too)

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    Anthony Davis

    I was a little confused when you did not do a zoomed in picture for the first riddle

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    Tape Face

    Thanks a lot for the guides, it really made it easier to get the sword.

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    Great guide, love how he talks about his ideas on finding the next clue. Pictures are perfect to find where/how. My go to site for all things assassins Unity.

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    Thanks a tonnnnn for all of these. The other day I was in a coop in public lobby and saw the fellow assassin welding this glowing flashing sword. I thought it was a special thing of the sword of Eden. But researching around I came to know it was something related to Suger and his riddles. Thanks to you, I now am a proud owner of the Eagle of Suger

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    Your guide is extremely helpful! I am like everyone else love how you explain what you used and how you hunted. I didn’t need some of these because you’ve helped me adjust my hunting. So THANKS!!

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