Unseal The Well AC Valhalla - Well Traveled Quest Puzzle Solution

Unseal the well is a puzzle in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that has to be solved during the quest Well Traveled. You’ll encounter it in Asgard. It requires you to open up a portal by pointing two beams of light into specific receptacles. However, you start only with one, and you have to split it first. If you’re having trouble with this puzzle, as we did, our AC Valhalla Unseal The Well puzzle solution guide will help you break through.

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ac valhalla unseal the well puzzle solution well traveled quest
AC Valhalla Unseal The Well – Well Traveled Quest Puzzle Solution

Ac Valhalla Unseal The Well – How to solve light beam puzzle?

Your goal is to shoot two beams of light into the two receptacles down by the pool. Since there’s only one beam, you’ll first have to split it. You can do this by pointing the beam at the prism in the entrance. Once you’ve done that, go back to the entrance. Use the first two orbs on the left to guide the beam to the receptacle on the left.

For the other one, you’ll first have to move the sliding orb that’s by the pool. Push it to the far right corner (looking from the entrance). You then have to shoot the light across the room, to the farthest orb, then down towards the sliding one. You should be able to hit the receptecle by directing the light from the sliding orb. If you can’t, try moving the orb a bit.

ac valhalla how to solve unseal the well asgard puzzle

It’s a bit tricky, trying to explain this all with words and pictures alone, so here’s a video showing the entire sequence.

It’s not a difficult puzzle by any means – what makes it tricky is the poor visibility. The cave is dark, and you can’t see all the puzzle elements from one place easily, which means you can’t devise a plan of action without resorting to trial and error.

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