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AC Valhalla War Weary – who to give the silver choice happens in Sciropescire, and requires you to choose who gets the silver. This seems like an incredibly important choice, right? The game kinda implies that who you give the silver to might be the difference between war and peace. However, is that really so? Couldn’t you just pocket it for yourself? Well, we’ll be showing you who gets the silver in our War Weary AC Valhalla – Sciropescire Give Silver Choice guide.

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war weary ac valhalla sciropescire give silver choice
War Weary AC Valhalla – Sciropescire Give Silver Choice

War Weary AC Valhalla Who Gets the Silver

When it comes to the choice of who to give the silver in AC Valhalla War Weary quest, it truly doesn’t matter. Without going into spoilers, every single choice leads to the same outcome. We’ll explain what happens below, but for now, just know that you can give the silver to whomever you want. Actually, the best choice is just to keep the silver for yourself. Just go ahead and talk to everyone, but give the money to nobody. Then, speak with the bishop and straight-up lie. The quest will continue as it always does.

We’re coming into slight spoiler territory here, so proceed at your own risk. So, when the bishop gives you the money, you come to the AC Valhalla War Weary give silver choice in Sciropescire. You then have the option to speak to a bunch of people in the room, and decide who you should pay for peace. The problem is that, no matter who you choose, Ivarr is going to make a mess. Ever the trigger-happy, he challenges king Rhodri to a duel, which escalates to Ivarr killing the king’s brother.

Needless to say, what ensues is a full-on melee inside the chapel. It doesn’t end there; when you clear out the enemies and walk outside, you’ll see that there’s a whole battle going on. The battle of Quatfrod, if you will. Clear out all the Briton soldiers, and go back to talk to Deorlaf. You can figure your way out from there. But, yeah, when it comes to who gets the silver in the Give Silver choice in AC Valhalla War Weary quest, just keep it for yourself.

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    Lying to the bishop and keeping the silver yourself is not necessarily the best option. If you want to keep the money yourself but don’t want to lie to the bishop, you can give the silver to Gwriad, the King’s brother. After clearing Quatfrod of enemies and reporting back to the bishop to plan your next move, you can loot the silver from Gwriad. He was the only corpse still left in the chapel when I got back there, so he was easy to spot. Loot him to get your 650 silver back.

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