AC Valhalla Rued Live or Die - Kill or Spare Rued Choice Consequences

Rued is one of the bosses in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. He’s a burly Dane you’ll encounter in A Fury From The Sea quest, at the end of your campaign to return East Anglia to Oswald. After you defeat him, you’ll have to choose whether Rued will live or die. The choice will affect another quest down the line, Wedding Horns, and your chances to recruit Finnr into your clan. If you’re wondering what the right choice is, our AC Valhalla Rued Live or Die guide will help you through all the consequences.

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ac valhalla rued will live or die fury from the sea
AC Valhalla Rued Will Live or Die – A Fury From The Sea

AC Valhalla Kill or spare Rued?

Once you’ve defeated him in an epic boss fight, the game asks you should Rued live or die.

  • Rued will live: If you let him live, Oswald will be happy you’ve followed his advice and allowed him to prepare a trial for Rued. You’ll encounter Rued again during the Wedding Horns quest, where you’ll have to make a more important choice.
  • Rued will die: You’ll kill Rued on the spot. Oswald won’t be too happy about it, but it won’t make any difference in the long run. You’ll recruit Finnr into your clan at the end of the Wedding Horns quest automatically.

Next are some consequences of you letting Rued live or die If you haven’t reached the next part of the game then we recommend you play through it until you reach the next choice so you avoid spoilers. Consequences for the choice above and the one we are about to describe can have a larger impact than most choices in the game.

AC Valhalla Rued Choice – let Oswald fight Rued or not

There is a second time in the East Anglia story where you will face AC Valhalla Rued choice. If you’ve killed Rued after the boss fight, there will be no choices to make during the Wedding Horns quest. Consequentially, you’ll recruit Finnr automatically as part of your longship crew. This is the biggest impact the choice has gameplay-wise. Other consequences of letting Rued live or die are purely moral and fall on your own head.

If you spared Rued during the previously described boss fight then he’ll appear during the wedding ceremony. He’ll be itching for a fight with Oswald. You’ll have another choice to make here, and your prospects with Finnr depend on what you choose:

  • Let Oswald fight Rued: Choosing “Oswald, you can do this” option can feel dangerous. Oswald has grown through the time you’ve spent with him. He wins, then banishes Rued from East Anglia. Finnr is smitten with Oswald and vows to stay by his side, which means you can’t get him.
  • Let me fight on your behalf: This option allows you to fight Rued again. Once you defeat him, Finnr will pledge his allegiance to you, and you’ll bring him back on your longship.

You’ll get your alliance with East Anglia no matter what you choose, so as far as we can see, these are the only differences between the options. Having Finrr on your longboat is just a cosmetic thing and helps remind you all the adventures you experienced in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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