Own The Roads Side Mission | Batman: Arkham Knight

Own the Roads is a most wanted side mission in Batman Arkham Knight. You can start this mission once you progress through the main story and reach chapter 7.
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The goal of this mission is to locate and destroy the militia checkpoints, in order to clear the streets of patrolling soldiers and support vehicles.

Basic Information

  • Unlocked at the start of chapter 7 (out of 9).
  • You have to locate and defeat the militia guarding the checkpoints.
  • There are 4 Militia Checkpoints on Bleake Island, 8 on Miagani and Founders’ Island each.
  • Completing this along with two other most wanted missions – Occupy Gotham and Campaign for Disarmament gives you the opportunity to fight and arrest Deathstroke.
Batman Arkham Knight Own the Roads

Own the Roads Rewards

  • 20 Upgrade Points.
  • Achievement/Trophy – “Streets of Gotham
  • Deathstroke Character Info & Bio. Militia Checkpoint Commander Character Showcase.

Bleake Island Militia Checkpoints

1.Chinatown.One commander and 3 sentry turrets.
2.West of Clock Tower, SW Chinatown.5 Thugs, 1 Brute.
3.West of Clock Tower, just southeast from the previous one.6 Soldiers with two sentry cannons.
4.SE Chinatown, NE of Clock Tower.10 Soldiers, 2 Combat Experts, 2 Medics, 2 Brutes, 2 sentry turrets.

Miagani Island Militia Checkpoints

1.Bristol, eastern Miagani.3 Mines, 6 Soldiers.
2.Botanical Gardens, eastern Bristol.9 Soldiers, 2 Sentry Cannons.
3.Elliot Memorial Hospital, NW Miagani.9 Soldiers.
4.NW Miagani Island, close to the water.5 Soldiers, 1 Brute.
5.NE Miagani, West of Mercy Bridge.7 Soldiers, 1 Brute.
6.NE Miagani Island.5 Soldiers, 1 Sentry Cannon.
7.Central Miagani, Theater Square.5 Soldiers, 2 Medics.
8.Southern Miagani Island.6 Heavy equipped Soldiers.

Founders’ Island Militia Checkpoints

1.Eastern Founders’7 Soldiers, 1 Brute.
2.Northern Founders’4 Soldiers, 3 Specialists.
3.Northern Founders’9 Soldiers, 1 Sentry Cannon.
4.Eastern Founder’s7 Soldiers, 5 Sentry Turrets.
5.Western Founder’s, within a park with a grand statue.6 Sentry Cannons, 7 Soldiers.
6.SE Central Founders’5 Armed Soldiers.
7.SE Founders’9 Soldiers, 1 Brute.
8.SE Founders’6 Soldiers.
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