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Miagani Island Riddler Victims consist of, once again, three targets. These rioters can be found in the south, west and north of Miagani Island.
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One of them requires a tactical approach unlike the one you might have been using all this time. Just like the Riddler Victims at Bleake Island, these also have bombs planted in their bodies. You have to save them by identifying them from the crowd of thugs and disarming the bombs with electroshock.

Riddler Victim Number One

Go to southern Miagani Island. You’ll find a green pressure plate in the northwestern corner of the island, where Wayne Tower is. It is located above ground level, at the edge of a long balcony. From here, you can easily find the rioter among the crowd of thugs in the north. The one you seek is usually trying to break the nearby “Fancy Belly” store with a garbage can. The place where you can electrify your remote batarang is north from you, hidden behind metal bars that hold a row of light bulbs.

Riddler Victim Number Two

The next Riddler Victim challenge is located on top of the skyway that connects two building in the Bristol area, in eastern Miagani Island, close to the Salvation Bridge. The rioter you want to aim your remote batarang at can be found next to the building to the west. This is where the tricky part comes. In the absence of power sources, you’ll have to use your Remote Electrical Charge. Use it to shoot the rioter while he is near you, or if you want the harder option, climb down and hunt him down with the quick remote electrical discharge. He usually comes into range near the skyway.

Riddler Victim Number Three

The last victim in this guide is located in northern Miagani Island, at the edge of the building with two large billboards. You can spot the large parking lot and Ferris Mall nearby. The riddler victim can be found on the street, between Ferris Mall and Gotham Mall. The power source needed for electrifying the batarang is among the steel platforms that hold the “Ferris Mall” sign.
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