Founders' Island Riddles | Batman: Arkham Knight

Riddles are puzzling verses in Batman: Arkham Knight. Solving them involves finding the place they describe and investigating it.
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Once you do that, you’ll be rewarded with a piece of lore called a Gotham City Story. In this guide, we’re going to show you the solutions to Founders’ Island Riddles, and which stories they unlock.

Investigating the riddle involves pressing and holding the button you use to enter detective mode. The game will tell you you’ve solved it if you’re at the right place. We’ve written guides for other areas as well:

Dock Riddle

A psycho killer’s grim design, what has an angle but just one line?
Unlocks the Scar Tissue story. Go to the docks on the northern side of the island, west of the Trade House. One of the small warehouses has three fishermen frozen in time, drinking beer and catching fish. Approach and scan them to learn the grim truth.

Militia Base Riddle

He lives and dies in seven days, this beast you’ve tamed but his song still plays.
This will unlock the Revenant story. Go to the underground passage near the church, where the militia base is. Crawl through the opening, use the ledges to go around the guardsmen and enter through the door. Scan the shrine.

Church Riddle

founders island azrael riddleAn ancient order, lust for power consumed, their patron saint is here entombed.
Solving it will give you the Guardian Angel story. Fly to the church in Drescher, in the eastern part of Founders’ Island. Search the wall for the name of Saint Dumas. Examine the spot.

Underground Riddle

He saved the date! All Hallow’s Eve! But this calendar killer took his leave.
Unlocks a story called Resolutions. Enter the underground through the passage under the Lex Corp billboard east of Wayne Plaza. Go left at the first intersection, then look up when you come to the area with the floodlights. Climb through the hole and scan the table and wall.

Wayne Plaza Riddle

founders island wayne plaza riddleA million dollar home for a spoilt child, his parents are dead but his parties are wild.
By solving it, you’ll unlock the Faithful Servant story. Climb one of the western terraces of Wayne Plaza, then zoom in the large, lone mansion on the hill across the water. Investigate it.

Manor Riddle

arkham knight founders island riddle penguinThis tumbledown ruin’s not looking its best, what do you expect from the Penguin’s old nest?
Investigating will give you access to a story called Payback. Go to Cobblepot Manor, south of Wayne Plaza. Enlarge the crest above the entrance and examine it.

Goth Corp Riddle

bak riddle founders island freezeThis cold corporation changed his life forever, curing his wife now a chronic endeavor.
Unlocks the Frozen Out story. Go east from Cobblepot Manor until you reach a big, blue building. Climb the one on the other side of the street and investigate the logo.

Shipyard Riddle

batman ak riddle solution founders islandFar away the deflated brute roams, leaving behind whate he couldn’t ship home.
Solving this one will unlock the Homecoming story. Go to the shipyard in the south of Founders’ Island. Climb the northwestern pile of containers and enter the one that’s open. Use your Batclaw to open the crate on the top, then examine its contents.

Circus Riddle

Roll up! Roll up! For the circus of strange, this porcine professor is clearly deranged.
When you solve it, you’ll get to read a story called Dollotron. Go to the basement of Pretty Dolls Parlor, located in an underground tunnel near Wayne Plaza, on Founders’ Island. When you descend the stairs, turn around. You’ll see a circus poster on the wall to the left. Investigate it. You can’t solve this riddle until you deal with Professor Pyg.

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