Miagani Island Riddler Trophies | Batman: Arkham Knight

Miagani Island is the second area you’ll visit in Batman: Arkham Knight. Like the first one, it also has a lot of Riddler Trophies for you to find, but they’re well hidden.
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Finding them will net you WayneTech points and goodies like character bios and stories. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of all Miagani Island Riddler Trophies.

There’s a second video with the rest of the trophies, too. We also have detailed guides with locations of Riddler Trophies in other areas, like:

Riddler Trophies on Miagani Island

You’re going to have to do a lot of climbing and grappling this time. You should dust off Batmobile’s cannon, too.

miagani island riddler trophy locations solutions

Puzzle Trophies

These trophies are a bit harder to get than the ones before. Some of them require you to finish certain missions in order to tackle them, while you need advanced gadgets for others.
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  1. D

    There are 38 Miagani trophies, do you have any idea which one was left off this list?

    1. C
      Connor Howarth

      Yes it is right next to penitence bridge. There’s a robot you need to voice synthesise to a pressure plate and three question marks light up. That’s as far as I’ve gotten with this puzzle if anyone else did this I’d like to know

      1. S
        Stephen Russell

        there is another pressure pad up top. use the explosive gel on the 2 question marks on the pillar then stand on the other pad. batarang the 2 in front of you then blow up the other 2 before the 4 second timer runs out

  2. A
    Angel Cortez

    I believe you guys are confusing the missing trophies 38 with trophie 25 under the penitence bridge which you actually found. I have looked like crazy around the bride and can’t find any other trophies around there.

    1. A
      Angel cortez

      Riddler trophie 38 on Magami Island is at 3244, 2642 under a tunnel occupied by the malitia. It will be on the ceiling of the tunnel. The Tunnel entrance location is at 3100, 2868. As soon as you enter look for something a grey blue bar next to a red malitia flag and grapple onto that, then jump towards the yellow metal frame attached to the tunnel labeled SG 610. The riddler trophie is right on top of that platform.

    2. F

      You are absolutely correct; the “missing” trophy is under Penitence Bridge on Miagani Island side. Puzzle containing four Riddler questionmarks that need to be “taken out” within a time limit.

  3. D

    For number 24 i cant use the missile barrage to hit all the targets and i cant hit them all fast enough without it any help?

    1. G

      If you look behind where you shoot the targets from there is a place you can fire the winch that automatically keeps your missiles charged.

      1. E

        Althoush being hooked all the time, shooting the guided missiles is not fast enough to hit all the question marks in ONE SHOT? What should I need to do?

        1. R

          Not sure, but maybe have the upgraded power attack.

  4. Trophy 28 (the one on top of the dodgems on the pier) has no robots in place for me! Nearing completion and I can’t get this trophy. Drove me mad until I found this guide… any ideas, folks?

    1. C

      I have the same problem – no robots! Have you found a solution?

  5. R

    Useless if there are not all here.

    1. J
      Jessica Griffith

      How is it useless? Fool…. Smh… If he didn’t take the time to do this for us you’d be at a loss. So many other help pages have WAY more mistakes, don’t explain enough, or are just simply confusing. Maybe you could do better? If you cant find the missing trophy google until you do or read the previous comments. Dudes human, humans make mistakes. This is the best help by far. I love that its words and not videos. Just stopping in to say thank you this was a huge help.

      1. K

        You are very welcome, glad we could be of help.

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