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Riddler’s Revenge is the longest and toughest Most Wanted side mission in Batman Arkham Knight. In order to finish this mission, you have to complete a series of objectives throughout Gotham.
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Because you need the Batmobile to enter these objective areas, you have to progress through the main story. The last Riddler’s Revenge objective requires you to find all the Riddler Trophies around Gotham in order to fight their creator, Edward Nigma aka The Riddler.

NOTE: We finished the challenges in our first playthrough – there might be differences in New Game+.

Basic Information

  • You get to see and play with two characters – The Riddler and Catwoman.
  • Catwoman has a 9-sequence bomb around her neck. In order to save her, you have to get 9 keys. These keys are given at the end of each Riddler’s objective/task.
  • Riddler’s objectives/tasks consist of either Batmobile races, mind puzzles or challenges.
  • You’ll come in contact with The Riddler himself while completing them. But in order to take him down to the GCPD, you’ll have to collect ALL Riddler Trophies around Gotham.
  • Objectives/Trials can be done with Batman alone or with Batman and Catwoman together. At the end of the solo trials, Batman is given a chart with the location of the key. You have to switch to Catwoman and find the key among the many cages with keys. Trials played with both are usually the mind puzzles. The reward is the key, hidden inside a cage.
  • Upon each successful trial, you’ll receive 2 Upgrade Points and One Achievement/Trophy.

Riddler’s Revenge Rewards

  • 25 Upgrade Points.
  • Catwoman and Enigma/Riddler Bios.
  • Achievements/Trophies: “Road to Hell”, “Pieces of the Puzzle”, “The Cat and the Bat”, “Riddler on the Rampage”, “The Burning Question”, “The Primal Riddle”, “The Riddle Factory”, “Lethal Pursuits”, “Nine Lives”, “Riddle Me That”.
  • Many AR Challenges.
  • The last Riddler’s challenge (“Final Exam”) reveals a room in the Orphanage where you can collect the final Miagani Island Riddle.

Orphanage and Mental Blocked Race

During the first chapter, you’ll come to the point where you have to lower the bridge, to take the Batmobile to Miagani Island. This is where you’ll receive the first Riddler’s objective – to come and visit him in Pinkney Orphanage, in southwestern Miagani Island. You’ll find Catwoman there and fight a group of robots. Since Catwoman is tied to this place with a neck-bomb, you have to do the tasks for Riddler in order to acquire the keys that unlock her collar.

The second objective is called Mental Blocked. It’s located just east of Pinkney Orphanage, behind a metal door under the green “Mental Blocked” Riddler sign, next to the rail tracks. This is a Batmobile race. You have to complete 3 laps before the time runs out to finish it. The tricky parts are blockades that you can activate or deactivate, thus removing obstacles or moving in landing zones, etc. Practice is your buddy here, and at the other races.

Balancing Act

This trial takes place in Chinatown, in northwestern Bleake Island. It is a rather short challenge. In order to get through it, you’ll have to step on a Riddler’s pressure plate on a small wooden platform. Use the Batmobile remote to get it to the end of the route. It is crucial to use the afterburner to achieve that. The second and the last part consist of charging up Riddler’s switch with the batmobile. The correct cage with the key is shown on the picture.

Numeracy 101

Get back to Orphanage with Batman. At the start, you’ll be given a small mind puzzle. Move the signs on the floor by throwing the batarang at the three question marks on the metal gate that blocks the entrance to the main Orphanage room. You need to arrange them in the shape of a question mark. Position your screen so that one light bulb under the floor acts as the dot in the question mark. Scan it like this and the door will open.

Finally, enter the room with Numeracy 101 sign above. Place Batman on the blue and Catwoman on the red pressure plate. Hit the 5 question marks in the following order:
  • Batman: 3 – 1 – 4 – 5 – 2
  • Catwoman: 1 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 4
Fight the 10 robots that come shortly after and get the key.


Time to get beneath Elliot Memorial Hospital in western Miagani Island for the next trial. This is another Batmobile race with a slight change. The new challenge are blocks that fall down from the ceiling toward the glowing green square. Once you’re done, pay attention to the scheme monitor and acquire the key with Catwoman.

Flight School

The next trial takes place beneath Gotham Casino, in northern Miagani Island. This is the shortest but one of the most challenging trails. In order to complete it, you’ll have to eject from the Batmobile while moving toward the green pressure plates within the area. The first pressure plate is a warm up for the next two that require a bit of flying. Another key scheme is at the end.

Intro to Physics

Head to the Orphanage with Batman and enter the room with the green signs around the door. This mind puzzle is done with the help of Catwoman. You have to move them both toward the three pressure plates and use their weight to raise or lower the pipe. This pipe is used as a bridge for an electrified ball.
  • 1st Step: Stand with Batman on 1st pressure plate.
  • 2nd Step: Stand with Catwoman on 2nd pressure plate.
  • 3rd Step: Stand with Batman and Catwoman on 3rd pressure plate.
  • 4th Step: Stand with Catwoman on 3rd pressure plate.
  • 5th Step: Stand with Batman on 2nd pressure plate.
  • 6th Step: Stand with Batman and Catwoman on 1st pressure plate.

This will reveal a nearby key. To make the floor safe for walking, you’ll have to stand on the raised platform inside this room. A new type of robots will come soon after – red and blue ones. The red can be defeated by Catwoman only, and the blue by Batman. The key is given to you upon defeating them all.

Drain Pain

We are in southeastern Founders’ Island now, near Divinity Church. To complete this trial, you’ll have to use Batmobile’s power winch to lower yourself down the hall. Once you are at the first hole, move right or left to reveal the path to the switch that lowers the water level.
  • 1st Step: Lower down to the first ring on platform one. Move to the left with the Batmobile to get to the desired spot. Eject from the car to the room across from you and step on the green switch.
  • 2nd Step: Get to the 2nd platform and lower yourself to the 2nd ring. Move to the right with the Batmobile to get to the desired spot. Destroy the entrance to the room across from you and step on the switch there. Watch out for the electrified door and defeat the robots that come after you step on the plate.
  • 3rd Step: From where you left off, move the hole ring to the starting position. Now get to the 3rd platform and go down. Once in position, move the 3rd ring to the right. The final room reveals its entrance and you can go in. Watch out for the sentry guns that appear after you step on the pressure plate. Destroy them with the Batmobile.

Advanced Deathtraps

We are back in the Orphanage. Inside the trial room you’ll notice two areas with an electrified floor. Get Batman to the first pressure plate, then lead Catwoman to the second. In order to complete this trial, you’ll have to pay attention to the board with the question mark with the light bulbs on. Each working light bulb represents a safe spot on the floor for the second character. Use it to move Batman and Catwoman toward the pressure plates near the question mark to complete the trial. As you progress, a wave of blue and red robots will come at you.


The final Batmobile race takes place beneath Ranelagh Ferry Terminal in northeastern Miagani Island. This is the hardest race so far. The most challenging parts are around the middle of the lap. You’ll have to control your Batmobile to avoid obstacles while driving on the wall. Help Catwoman find the key at the end of the trial.

Final Exam

Once again, the trial happens in the Orphanage. Inside the “Final Exam” room, you’ll have to move the Riddler’s cubes with the help of Batman’s remote electrical charge and Catwoman. Catwoman helps by standing on top of these cubes, not allowing them to move, while you use the electrical charge with Batman. Follow the marks on the picture below to complete the task.

Fight with Riddler Part 1

Catwoman is free now! But not safe, yet. As you are about to leave the area, you’ll have to fight the Riddler and his army of robots. Riddler likes to change their color from time to time, so you’ll have to switch between Batman and Catwoman. Dual takedowns defeat any robot, no matter his color. Once the robots are defeated, The Riddler will retreat. To engage him in combat again and complete this mission once and for all, you have to find all Riddler Trophies, come here and use the Riddler stand to provoke him into the final fight.

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