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The two Stagg Airships cruising Gotham’s sky hide secrets behind riddles written in verse, just like the other areas. There’s less of them, but each one unlocks a new bit of lore called a Gotham City Story.
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In this guide, we’re going to show you the Stagg Airships Riddle Solutions, as well as their locations and the stories they unlock.

If you’ve missed some riddles in the previous areas, take a look at one of our detailed guides:

Monkey Riddle

stagg airships riddle solutionsNo Dark Knight, Stagg’s pet is no figment, it’s just lacking the usual pigment.
Solving it will unlock the Lab Rat story. Go to the room below the entrance to the Research Lab on Airship Alfa. You’ll see a bunch of caged monkeys. Find a monkey with white fur and investigate it.

Poster Riddle

arkham knight riddle solutions airshipsNeed something moved quickly, in a freezer? This company’s owned by a cockney geezer!
When you solve this one, you’ll get to read a story called Prodigal. When you enter Airship Beta and find the terminal that will allow you to tilt it, examine the wall behind it. You’ll see a poster – zoom in on it and examine it.

Magazine Riddle

batman riddles stagg airshipsA bragging reporter’s worse than a narc, but perhaps the assassin has found his mark?
Solving it unlocks the Cheap Shot story. Climb the area in the north part of Biological Engineering on Airship Beta. Look around – there will be a magazine on one of the desks with the picture of Jack Ryder on the cover. Investigate it.

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