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The Line of Duty is yet another most wanted side mission in Batman Arkham Knight. It starts during the first chapter. In order to complete it, you have to track down and rescue 16 missing firefighters. They’ve been taken hostage and tortured by thugs all over Gotham. You have to defeat all thugs next to each firefighter in order to set them free. Multi Fear Takedown is something you will love here, as it saves a lot of time.

The Line of Duty Basic Information

Although it is rather long, this Most Wanted side mission provides a lot of skill points and experience. You can even boost experience gain with the use of gadgets and combo points. As you save the firefighters, you can talk to them two more times. They all also appear in GCPD.
The list of missing firefighter locations shown below is not in any specific order. You can do it in any order that pleases you. The last firefighter, however, is the one you can only save at the end.


  • 18 Upgrade Points.
  • Firefighters – Character Showcase Unlocked
  • “Death of Innocents” – Achievement/Trophy
  • Loads of additional Experience Points while doing it.

Bleake Island Missing Firefighters Location

There are 6 missing firefighters to be found on Bleake Island. None should cause problems except the last group.

1. AdamsonNorthern Chinatown, on the balcony close to the water, lower level.6 Thugs, non armed.
2. AshleyCentral Chinatown, on a balcony with red lights, higher level.8 Thugs, armed with Knives and Guns.
3. Leary-WoodNorthern Bleake Island, security office next to the large Dixon Dock sign.5 Thugs, non armed.
4. WyattEastern Bleake Island6 Thugs, some are armed with Guns.
5. NormanSE Bleake Island, NE Falcone Shipping Antenna, on a wooden dock next to the water.9 Thugs, 1 Brute. Some thugs have guns while one carries a shield.
6. CannonSW Bleake Island, close to the water, on the corner of a concrete plateau.12 Thugs that come with Guns, Knives, Shields, Stun Sticks…

Miagani Island Missing Firefighters Location

The island with the lowest number of Firefighters to be saved. After the first 6 on Bleake it makes a nice transition map to the 6 on Founders’.

1. GreenNE Miagani Island, SE pillar of Mercy Bridge.7 Thugs, some of them carry guns.
2. HillNorthern Central Miagani Island, first floor of the large building.9 Thugs, one carrying a gun.
3. RichardsonSE Miagani Island, within the Grand Avenue Train Station.4 Thugs with the help of several sentry guns. Disable the one looking at them and kill them within its time limit.
4. DaniellSE Miagani Island, SE Wayne Tower, on the corner of the ground plateau.9 Armed Thugs.

Founders’ Island Missing Firefighters Location

There are 5 missing firefighters on Founders’ Island. The last firefighter in the list below can be found inside a small hidden area. You have to break your way in with the help of Batmobile’s power winch. The exact location of this point is in the underground tunnels, above the “Cuffs” shop sign (the mouth-shaped sign).

1. TaylorSouthern Founders’ Island, Central Port Adams, within an office on higher ground.8 Thugs, some are armed.
2. BlissNW Miagani Island, higher ground, next to the statue overlooking the water.8 Thugs and 2 Brutes.
3. ScottNorthern Founders’ Island, next to the lightouse.6 Thugs with a weapon cache and detective mode jammer, one Sniper. Take out the sniper first.
4. WilsonCentral Founders’ Island, NE Ryker Heights, on the metal plateau shined on by billboards.11 Thugs and 3 Brutes. Start with Mutli Fear Takedown to save yourself some time.
5. LozarNorthern Ryker Heights, underground level, behind the “Cuffs” shop sign.20 Thugs armed with Guns, Shields, Weapon Crates, 2 Brutes.

The Last Missing Firefighter

The last one to be saved is the first among the equals of firefighters. The reasons of some of his actions are listed now, so you can decide if he was right or wrong.

Batman Arkham Knight Chief Underhill
6. Chief UnderhillNorthern Founders’ Island, on top of a large building still in construction.20 Thugs armed with Guns, Shields, Weapon Crates, 2 Brutes, located on three different levels.
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