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The Perfect Crime is a Most Wanted side mission in Batman Arkham Knight. During this mission, which you can start in chapter 1, you are on a journey of finding out who is responsible for leaving six unidentified, mutilated bodies across Gotham.
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Although you can start it in chapter one, you can’t complete it until you progress through the main story long enough to be able to drive the Batmobile on Founders’ Island.

Basic Information

  • You can start this most wanted side mission in chapter one.
  • You can complete it later on in the main story, once you are able to drive the Batmobile on Founders’ Island.
  • This is a detective mission. You are set to find 6 bodies and discover the causes of their deaths. The leads will take you to the person responsible for their deaths.
  • As you find victims, you’ll have to scan their bodies and find three clues hidden in their skin, muscles and bones.
  • Each victim has a name and history, just like the villain who’s caused all this suffering.
Batman Arkham Knight The Perfect Crime Most Wanted Mission

“The Perfect Crime” Rewards

  • 9 Upgrade Points.
  • “The Monster Machine” – Achievement/Trophy
  • Professor Pyg Rewards – Character Trophies, Bio & Audio Files
  • At the end of the side mission, you’ll gain access to the rooms of “Pretty Dolls Parlor”. They hold one riddler trophy and one riddle.

Bleake Island Unidentified Mutilated Bodies

The first victim can be found at the start of the bridge in northeastern Bleake Island. It is tied to a large, red, metal bridge pillar. His name was Anthony Lund. The clues are as follows: Skin – Left Ear; Muscle – Right Abdomen; Bone – Left Hip.The second victim is in southwestern Bleake Island, on the second floor rooftop, next to the “Failure” sign. There are large inflated dolls above the road nearby. The victim’s name was Franklin Accardo. The clues are: Skin – Left Arm; Muscle – Chest; Bone – Left Knee.

Miagani Island Unidentified Mutilated Bodies

The next victim is in the northern part of Miagani Island, just southwest of Bleake Island GCPD. You’ll find the “imperfect” body of Robert Kincaid on the second to last floor. The clues are as follows: Skin – Chest; Muscle – Right Arm; Bone – Left Foot Toes.The final Miagani Island Victim can be found on the second to last rooftop of the “La Tapastry” building, located next to the bridge in the southwestern part of the Island. This “broken” victim was Lisa Mendes. The clues are: Skin – Left Torso; Muscle – Right Eye; Bone – Right Arm.

Founders’ Island Unidentified Mutilated Bodies

The “defective” victim is located in the eastern part of Founders’ Island. Ella Montgomery is tied to a wall next to an ascending dirt road. The clues are as follows: Skin – Right Thigh; Muscle – Right Abdomen; Bone – Right Skull.The last body is located in northern Founders’ Island. Following the road at ground level, you’ll come to the part where small stores have lanterns on their corners. “Reject” victim Alison Wears will give you the final clue about the villain responsible for all this suffering. The clues are: Skin – Left Thigh; Muscle – Left Shoulder; Bone – Left Hand.

Professor Pyg – Lazlo Valentin

Once all the bodies have been inspected, Alfred will inform you about the location of Professor Pyg’s (Circus boss) hideout. He can be found inside the “Pretty Dolls Parlor” store, located in the tunnels in eastern Founders’ Island. This is the area that unlocks at this point. Don’t forget to solve the riddle and collect the riddler trophy inside (to avoid the trouble of coming back later).As you enter the last room of the Parlor, the final battle will start. Professor Pyg sends waves of enemies called Dollotrons to defeat you. Dollotrons will only stay down after the Takedown combo. If you don’t perform this attack, they will keep rising up. The final phase is when Professor Pyg joins the battle with several Dollotrons. Be sure to counter his attacks or you’ll end up dead pretty soon. Always keep your eyes on the Professor while fighting the Dollotrons.Once he is defeated release the remaining victims from the cages around the room (brake the yellow electric pad). You will be able to find them all (survivors and the Professor) in GCPD after you complete the mission.

Batman Arkham Knight Professor Pyg Lazlo Valentin Circus Boss
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