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Panessa Studios is a an old film studio in Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s where Robin is working on finding a cure for those poisoned with Joker’s blood. You’ll have to go there on several occasions, and there are collectibles to be had inside. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of Panessa Studios Riddler Trophies, and help you solve puzzles that lead to them.

There’s a second video detailing the rest of the trophy locations. If you’ve missed some riddles in the previous areas, take a look at one of our detailed guides:

Panessa Studios Riddler Trophies

Unlike the open areas, most trophies here require you to put some thought into getting them. Just finding them won’t be enough – you’ll have to think of a way to get them.

riddler trophy location map panessa studios

Riddler Puzzle Trophies

These are bit harder to get than the ones before – you either have to finish a mission, get a gadget/upgrade or revisit an old area in order to obtain them. They are marked with yellow icons on our map.
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  1. S
    Sébastien Luneau

    The #16 I do many time but never work I have to know the voice of the riddler or something like that because I cant give order to robot

    1. I

      You find a bot chilling on Founders Island I think, you get a chip and can command it

      1. M

        U can get the chip from the extra robot in that same room. He’s the one with the different looking head.

    2. -

      What I did was different: first, I used the Voice Synthesizer to get the robot to the back of its cage. Next, I sent the robot to the Weapon Crate, while I quickly used the Disruptor on the Weapon Crate. The robot will go to the Crate, and it explodes.
      I had a hard time solving this puzzle, because I first used the Disruptor on the Crate. When you do that, you can’t use the Voice Synthesizer on the robot (I don’t know if it’s a bug).
      Hope I helped you guys out!

    3. A
      Arkham Knight

      you have to take down a riddler robot and you will take its command chip

      1. J

        I am locked inside panessa studios. I have completed 3 stages inside it and also lot of trophies But I am stuck at the exit of studios. joker is sitting right at the exit but I am unable to go past the exit its not even closed its open damn

  2. M

    Did I fail number eight in Panessa studio, iI I dont have upgraded disrupto?

    1. R

      You can always go back inside to recollect after the mission. 🙂 (I’m currently doing a swip of those I didn’t get while on the mission with Robin.)

  3. S
    Scott Lowe

    What about the riddle trophy with 5 robots you have to beat in four seconds? it’snot even on your map.

    1. L

      There is a vent to the left open that and come out the grate behind the wood walls from there proceed to do a fear multi takedown and feel like a badass

      1. T

        You can also use the voice synth to line up the fear takedown of your choice, as long as you have the Riddler voice.

  4. P

    There is at least one riddle in the middle of room where #3 is. To open it you have to turn dial with Neptune statue. Order is BAC but you cant pass the Exit plate as it resets the puzzle. Riddler’s markings are a clue to this. There is a BAT word near trophy and all plates have their letters replaced with green markings.

    1. C

      Thank you

    2. M

      I don’t have the generator there to turn the statue. Any ideas?

  5. J

    Thanks piasecznik, that’s the only one I needed and I wouldn’t have found that clue.

  6. R

    There are three more trophies for Stage C. One in the area before the stage (switch activates upon looking into mirror). Then two inside. One on Charisma’s stage, “Riddler Says”. The other is a giant slot wheels that have to match. I’m currently stuck on the mirror one though. Any advice?

    1. I

      Go through the vent into the next room, from there throw a remotely controlled batarang into the question mark.

  7. S

    But what about the one right in the centre of the same room as trophy #3 is in??????????

    1. D

      The statue one? Use the electrical charge to turn the statue. There are signs on the ground leading to each stage. the C one has been written over with a T. Stop the statue in sequence on B…A…T

    2. T

      I stopped them all on hearts. Alternating between red hearts and black hearts. So red black red black

  8. W
    Walter Harrow

    This is probably a stupid question. Im only about 60% into the main storyline but obviously want to get all trophies before completed the game. But I cant get any in Panessa Studios because it isn’t ‘open’. I don’t mean that im locked out, I mean that the only room I can move around in is the one with Robin. The next room is ‘locked’ by a gate or something. Does the area become ‘open’ later in the story? (without spoilers please)

    1. Yes, don’t worry, you get there later on.

  9. W
    Walter Harrow

    does panessa studios ‘open’ up later in the game? Im about 60% done and the only room I can move about in is the one with robin. The next room is blocked off and there doesn’t seem to be anything to hack or hit with batarang to open the shutter?

    1. Yes Walter Harrow you get there later on.

  10. V

    For #16 I am sending the robot to the crate but nothing is happening! Am I missing something?

    1. First you have to use Disruptor on the crate, then the robot will do the job.

  11. M

    Quick question. So I haven’t gotten any of the Panessa trophies, and I’m 94% finished with the story missions (have to investigate Panessa looking for Gordon). Will I still be able to get the trophies without activating the story mission or am I gonna just have to get them in a new game +?

    1. M

      If we could get some insight on this? I’m in the exact same position as well and I’m trying to go for the perfect ending.

  12. J

    Hey there, I really appreciate you putting in all this work but it looks like you are missing 4 of them. On the Joker tab it shows there are 20 riddler trophies but there are only 16 on your map? I’m only missing one of them at the moment and I was getting frustrated because I have found all the ones on the map. Is there an additional map for the rest that I’m missing?



    1. J

      Actually I now noticed that you say at the top it’s 16/21 part 1 :0) sorry. Is there another video or map showing the rest of them? or are you still working on it?



  13. E

    Question about the riddle in Panessa Studios. Has to do with Robin. I’ve tried scanning him in the cell but it just says subject obscured. Other sites have said you can only solve it after the game, but seeing how as I want the true ending, is there away I can get it solved before?

  14. R

    I beat the bots in under 5 seconds for trophy #21 but it still expires though

  15. Z

    With number 8 is there any other way to get rid of the mines other than the disruptor as I have done everything else and this is the last trophy and I still haven’t unlocked the disruptor mine thing.

  16. C

    Number 21 is behind a door that will not open for me? (Says door locked) ?

  17. L

    #19 #20 the pedlstalls dont seem to be working

  18. B
    Brad Castillo

    In studio c it will not let me push any buttons so I can hack the boxes for all the hearts..??

  19. J
    Jessica Griffith

    I’m 97% done with the game can’t get back in to panessa can you please tell me how. I know I’m missing something but alls I can find are cheats….

    1. J
      Jessica Griffith

      Nvm lmfao

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