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Assault class has changed a lot from previous Battlefield games. Its loadout has been revised, and with it its purpose.
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The assault class carries short range machine guns, and can use anti tank grenades and an anti tank rocket gun. It’s very similar to the engineer from previous games. In this article, we will show you how to dominate with assault class in Battlefield 1, be effective on the battlefield, and help your teammates win.

In earlier games, the assault class had access to assault rifles, medikits and defibrillators, serving as a healer on the battlefield. The assault rifles category had one of the best weapons in the game, making this class very effective in all game modes.

Assault Class Tips & Tricks

  • The assault class’ purpose is destroying enemy tanks and vehicles, buildings, and fighting at close range.
  • Anti tank grenades will explode upon impact, dealing a great amount of damage to enemy vehicles. Master the grenade throwing technique, anticipate the enemy’s movement and throw the grenade where you expect him to be.
  • Deploying the Anti tank rocket gun requires you to go prone. Once you go prone, you can only shoot in a certain cone in front of you. Feel free to use it at long range.
  • Destroy buildings to create new pathways for your teammates and flush out the enemy infantry. Destroy the enemy’s cover and walls to create new sight lines.
  • You will be armed with submachine guns and shotguns. Stick with the close to medium range engagements and avoid open spaces. Your SMGs and shotguns are designed to be effective at short range, so you will have a hard time hitting targets at a distance.
  • If you have a bayonet installed, use your charge to get away from open spaces quickly and get to cover.
  • A group of two assault players can destroy an enemy tank in seconds. Cooperate with your squad and team mates.
  • Place your Anti Tank mines on roads and strategic positions, to stop the enemy’s vehicles from progressing.
  • Strategically place dynamites and detonate at the right moment for some easy kills.
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