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Support class has changed only slightly from previous games, but it generally has the same role as before. Your job is simple – resupply your teammates and suppress your enemies.
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Make use of bipods for better accuracy and trip mines to stop and surprise your enemies. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to play Support Class in Battlefield 1, how to get good at it.

Battlefield 1 Support Class

Here are some great tips and tricks that will help you and your teammates win:

  • Put your trip wires inside buildings and in strategic positions for some easy kills. Avoid putting them in open, clearly visible spaces. Put them on stairs, ladders and near doors to cover your position. People tend to pass them without noticing.
  • Your heavy machine guns will have increased accuracy and decreased spread when you hold down your trigger. Your first few shots will be inaccurate, but the spread will decrease later on. Avoid tap fire to increase your overall accuracy.
  • Since your magazines will mostly have a high number of bullets, consider using the pre-fire method when you go around corners and suspect enemies are nearby. The pre-fire method is basically when you start firing before you move around the corner – it will give you an upper hand in various combat situations.
  • Put your ammo crate on strategic positions such as buildings, rooftops and any contested area. You will provide ammo for anyone passing by, giving you and your team an egde in combat.
  • Don’t wait for your teammates to ask for ammo, constantly throw your pouches and place crates around the map. Everyone will be resupplied with ammo and you will get a lot of points.
  • Some machine guns have a bipod beneath them. You can use them while going prone, on windows and walls. Place your machine gun in a good position and your accuracy will increase drastically, while recoil will become almost non-existent.
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