Battlepacks in Battlefield 1 - How to get them

Battlefield 1 Battlepacks are loot crates. Opening them will grant you rewards like weapon skins and melee weapon puzzle pieces.
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You can get them by simply playing the multiplayer, but that’s kind of slow. There’s another way, though, which might be faster, depending on how much you’re willing to sacrifice. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get Battlepacks in Battlefield 1.

how to get battlepacks in battlefield 1

How to get Battlepacks faster

The basic way of obtaining battlepacks is by playing multiplayer. Battlepacks drop at random, every 3 games you should get at least 1 battlepack. We suggest playing Domination game mode since it lasts around 10 minutes, and for example Conquest can last for 30 minutes or more.

You’ll get them as post-match rewards every so often, so just keep playing and you’ll keep receiving. If that’s too slow for you, there’s another way. Every item you get from a battlepack can be turned into scrap. If you know you don’t want it, you can scrap it right away, when you open the crate. If you decide to do it later, here’s what you should do:
  • Select More in the main menu
  • Choose Battlepacks
  • Go to the Inventory tab
  • Find the skin you don’t want and choose Scrap for X
To get the regular Battlepack, you’ll need 200 scrap.

How to get Enhanced Battlepacks

These won’t drop as rewards for playing. Your only option is to buy them from the menu. An Enhanced Battlepack costs 450 scraps. It guarantees either a Distinguished skin or a legendary one. Thankfully, even if you don’t like them, these will earn you more scrap than the regular ones.

How to get Superior Battlepacks

The Superior Battlepack can be bought for 900 scrap. That is the only way to get it – you can’t play for it. The reason it’s so expensive is that it guarantees a Legendary skin. You can see the possible drops on the right side of the menu – they’re probably going to change as time passes and more skins are added to the game.

If you’re interested in getting a specific skin and don’t care about any others, it’s definitely worth it to scrap everything (not only duplicates) in order to get it.

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  1. N

    So to get more battle packs…….
    I have to get more battle packs…?
    Sometimes a site shouldn’t bother if there really is no information.
    But its OK, I understand, I saw the adverts everywhere, mission accomplished.

    1. A

      Did you read the advice they gave or did you come here to try and be clever? You can play the multiplayer and get them randomly, or speed up the process by selling the items you get in multiplayer loot boxes to earn currency to buy them instead of earning them.

      1. S

        ….Are you fucking retarded?
        The “ITEMS” you mention are gained from battlepacks, so you need to get battlepacks, to scrap for 30 coins, to buy a 450 coin battlepack.
        The page is bullshit.

      2. A

        I’m with him on this one i played at least 15 hour I got only one BP

  2. R

    The battlepacks are totally shit in this version of Battlefield. Why even bother? We are not COD players and don’t give a crap about weapon skins, we want useful stuff in battlepacks like upgrades or weapons. EA/Origin failed on this game in a lot of ways imo.

  3. D
    Derek Porritt

    M’agree on the disappointment but jeez it’s not that hard to get packs. I’m at level 75 and long ago, like level 25 0r 30 unlocked all level 10 class weapons and have collected 9 out of 10 puzzle pieces.

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