Battlefield 1 Best Support Class Gun Bar M1918

Best weapon for the Support class in Battlefield 1 is the Bar M1918 in our opinion. You will be able to play very effectively at medium range, and hip fire is very decent. The damage model is high, with 21 damage at 20 meters and it drops down to 19 damage at 25 meters. You will be able to take down your enemies with 5-6 bullets with no headshots.

Rate of fire is high at 600 rounds per minute, you will take down your enemies very quickly at any range. The only drawback is the magazine size at 20 bullets only. Be prepared to reload very often, and use your sidearm if necessary.

best support class gun bar m1918 battlefield 1

Huot Automatic vs Bar M1918:

Huot Automatic is the last weapon you unlock with the support class. You will need to reach rank 10 in the class, while to unlock the Bar M1918 you need to reach rank 2 for Trench version and rank 3 for Storm and Telescopic version.

In comparison, the Bar M1918 has the same maximum and higher minimum damage and a higher rate of fire. Huot has a slightly bigger magazine capacity but in general there is no point using the Huot over the Bar M1918. Hopefully in the future updates and patches we will see the Huot getting upgraded with at least a few more rounds in the magazine, to make it more competitive.

There are 3 Bar M1918 variants, and each one comes with different benefits. The first one is Storm, and it reduces the amount of recoil while firing. The Trench variant comes with better hip fire accuracy, and the third variant is called Telescopic.

The Bar M1918 excelled at medium range engagements with decent damage, accuracy and hip fire making it our first choice while playing with the support class. Make sure you test out all the other weapons and always choose the one that you feel most comfortable playing.

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