Battlefield 1 Maps - How many are there

Multiplayer is the most important part of Battlefield 1. It revolves around a handful of unique maps (9 for now) and several different game modes.
More maps are going to be added later as DLC, but the starting map pack is the most important – it will decide if people want to play the game or not. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Battlefield 1 maps, along with a short description.

battlefield 1 maps

Multiplayer maps in Battlefield 1

  • Sinai Desert – Set in a huge desert area, each point features a small outpost and it’s divided by train tracks. The small village in the middle will provide you will plenty of cover and opportunities for short range engagements.
  • Monte Grappa – Features plenty of elevation and beautiful mountains around the map, with both tank and airplane battles. Expect a lot of long to medium range engagements.
  • Fao Fortress – Another desert map with a huge medieval fortress and several small villages. Expect a lot of sniping, as well as naval combat.
  • Empire’s Edge – This one features a Mediterranean coastal island with a massive Dreadnaught ship that will rain artillery fire onto the land.
  • St. Quentin Scar – Open farmlands with a partially destroyed village in the middle. You can find plenty of cover in the trenches and buildings. Features a Behemoth airship.
  • Ballroom Blitz – This map features a huge French castle in the middle, with plenty of rooms, windows and elevation.
  • Argonne Forest – Definitely one of the most beautiful maps, featuring dense forests and lots of space for close combat engagements. There is an armored train behemoth going through the center of the map. Make use of machine gun emplacements around the map, as well as gas grenades to flush out enemies.
  • Amiens – This is a city oriented map with plenty of open buildings to seek cover in. Make use of the explosives to destroy buildings and create new cover options.
  • Suez – A small, infantry focused map, featuring a few desert villages. Enemy fire can come literally from everywhere. Expect a lot of close range engagements.
The game modes played on these maps are : Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Operations, Rush, War Pigeons and Air Superiority.

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