Hardcore Mode in Battlefield 1

Hardcore mode in Battlefield 1 is a variation of the standard mode, with different and gameplay and harder difficulty. It was a fan favorite in previous Battlefield games, and it will definitely continue in Battlefield 1.
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Hardcore mode requires a certain level of skill and map knowledge to be effective. In this guide, we’re going to tell you all about the Battlefield 1 hardcore mode, compared to the regular one.

hardcore mode battlefield 1
Sadly, the hardcore game mode isn’t available yet. It’s going to be added to the game shortly, but we don’t have an exact date yet. We’ll update the guide when we know more.

Hardcore mode vs Standard mode

Here are the things that make hardcore mode what it is:
  • Lower health and no regeneration. You will kill your enemies much faster, but you will also die faster. You can only heal with med kits, there is no standard health regeneration over time. Sniper hits are instant kills.
  • Friendly fire is turned on, so watch out for your teammates.
  • Kill cams will not be available, which means that you will not know where the enemy that killed you is.
  • The health and ammo bar will not be visible. Keep an approximate count of your bullets, if possible.
  • No reticule when firing from the hip.
  • When you spot your enemy, they will only be visible on the mini map. They won’t be marked on your screen.
  • The third person vehicle camera is disabled – always be aware of your surroundings.
Keep in mind that some settings can be changed by the server admin. In hardcore mode, the game behaves much more realistic, and therefore is a lot more challenging to play. Good communication and team play is recommended. If you want to play in hardcore game mode, check the hardcore option on the filter setting in multiplayer.

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