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Medic class is definitely the most useful class in Battlefield 1, in any game mode. In previous games, it was the assault class that had access to medkits and defibrillators.
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It also had acess to very powerful assault rifles. In Battlefield 1, it’s the Medic that will be using the semi-automatic rifles and healing and reviving teammates. This guide will show you how to play medic class in Battlefield 1, how to get good at it.

Battlefield 1 Medic Class Tips

Here’s some advice that will help you maximize your efficiency on the battlefield:

  • You will lose accuracy if you spam the trigger while using the semi-automatic rifles. Take slow shots for maximum precision. Hip fire spread is generally high, so try to avoid it if possible. Practice aiming down sights.
  • Semi-automatic rifles are designed for medium to long range engagements, so try to avoid tight corners. In those situations, you should consider using your sidearm or melee weapon. They are very similar to DMR rifles from previous games.
  • Place medic crates on strategic positions, such as rooftops, inside building and places with good cover, to heal yourself and your teammates while you are in tense combat situations.
  • You can throw small med packs directly at your teammates if they are injured. Throw your med packs on the ground frequently, even if there are no teammates around at the moment. This will give your team an upper hand in many situations.
  • Don’t try to revive your teammate unless you are sure that there are no enemies around. You don’t want to get in a situation where you die while reviving another player.
  • As with any other class, always try to spot enemies and mark them, both for yourself and your teammates.
  • Consider using the repair tool on maps with vehicular combat. Support them with your repairs, since the tanks and vehicles can turn the tide of victory. Keep in mind that it will replace your medkit or your revive tool in your loadout.
  • Your role is simple, but very important – crucial for winning.. It’s constant healing, repairing vehicles and reviving. Keep your teammates alive and running at all times.
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