Through Mud and Blood Field Manual Locations | Battlefield 1

Field Manuals are collectibles you can find in Battlefield 1. They can be obtained during the single player campaigns.
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In Through Mud and Blood, there are 20 of them – 5 in every mission. Each batch of five will unlock a new codex entry, so it’s worth getting them if you want to discover more story bits. Once you’ve got them all, you’ll unlock the Sound of Thunder achievement. In this guide, we’re going to show you all Through Mud and Blood Field Manual collectible locations in Battlefield 1.

Over the Top field manuals

The first one can be found while you’re driving the tank. Look for a tent in the rubble on the left side of the road. The crate will be near the tent.

The second one is inside the church. Enter from the graveyard and go into the infirmary. Turn left, and you’ll see the crate next to two big cauldrons.

Exit the church through the hole in the wall, then immediately turn left. You’ll see a big green wheel leaning against the church wall. The third crate is next to it.

You’ll find the fourth one near the square with the British flag, at the end of the village. It will be next to some barrels by the house that’s still standing.

The last one can be found before you reach the bridge. You’ll see some cannons on your right as you approach it. The crate will be next to one of them.

Fog of War field manuals

The first one is near the start. Go down the road, past the gun emplacement and the barbed wire, then turn right and go up the hill. The crate will be there.

The next one is in the basement under the ruins. Jump down into the canal in front of the cannon and enter the basement. Turn left and go all the way to the back. Turn around and you’ll see a row of beds on your right. The chest will be between them.

When you reach the iron bridge, turn right and go under it. You’ll find the box with the third collectible there.

The fourth one is near the checkpoint by the railroad. Go past the wooden cart and turn right. You’ll see it by the crates.

The final field manual can be found near the end of the mission. When you go past the log fence, you’ll reach a concrete bunker. Go inside and look in the box.

Breakdown field manuals

The first one can be found in the square with the broken down tank. Go around the big house on the right and you’ll reach an eave with firewood beneath it. The crate will be in the smaller section, separated by a wal.

This one is in the windmill on the northern edge of town. Go inside and climb the stairs to the top. The crate is by the window.

When you get to the large building with the two decomissioned tanks in front of it, go around them. Enter the building and go upstairs. The crate will be on the second floor – it’s pretty dark there, so you might need to fumble a bit before you reach it.

The fourth one is in the big house in the middle of the town. Go through the hole in the brick wall and enter the front door. Climb the stairs and hug the left wall until you reach the box with the manual.

The last one can be found near the checkpoint on the eastern side of town. Follow the road to the little stone house by the river. Enter it and turn right. The crate will be by the door.

Steel on Steel field manuals

All of the field manuals in this mission are hidden inside windmills. The first one is in the one you reach while still in the tank, by the road. It’s right next to the grindstone.

The second windmill is on the outskirts, in the western part of the village. The crate is by the grindstone, just like the one before it.

The third one is right across the road from the previous one. There’s a military tent next to it. Go inside and look for the box on the ground floor, by the grindstone.

There’s another windmill in the middle of the village. Make sure you check that one out as well, since there’s a crate with a field manual inside, next to the (you’ve guessed it) grindstone.

The last field manual is in the windmill on the top of the hill. It’s where the next step of your mission triggers (the one sending you to the railyard), so you can’t miss it. Go inside and get the collectibles from the ground floor.