Biomutant Co-Op & Multiplayer

Biomutant Co-Op & Multiplayer have been a contested subject among the fan base, increasingly so as we near the game’s launch. People want to know whether they’ll be able to play Biomutant with friends, whether together or against each other, in some kind of PvP. Unfortunately, things are kinda grim on that front, as we’ll explain in this guide. I’m pretty sure you wo’t like what I have to say, but oh well.

biomutant co-op & multiplayer
Biomutant Co-Op & Multiplayer

Is There Multiplayer in Biomutant – Can You Play Co-Op

Unfortunately, there is no co-op multiplayer in Biomutant, nor is there PvP; no option to play with other people at all. The official FAQ cuts right to the core of the issue. They answer the question of whether the game has multiplayer with a simple and curt: “No. Biomutant is a singleplayer experience.” That’s about as definitive as it can get, isn’t it? Moreover, the wording kinda squashes any hope of any kind of playing with friends at any point. There’s not even a maybe, or “we’re looking into it,” or anything of the sort. So, if you’ve been looking forward to playing Biomutant with other people, I’m afraid that’s just not gonna be happening. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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Now, just to make things extra clear: there’s no PvP multiplayer either. It’s a shame, because with all the different classes and PSI abilities, I can totally see how something like Destiny’s Crucible could be fun in Biomutant. On the other hand, at least this way the developers are 100% focused on delivering the perfect single-player experience, without other modes to distract them. That’s all there is to the Biomutant co-op and multiplayer. For help with other stuff in the game, check out our Biomutant Release Time & Date and DLC Mercenary Class Pre-Order guides. Stay tuned, because we have a bunch of other articles in the pipeline.

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