Biomutant Mutations - Unlock Both Light and Dark Psi-Power Abilities & Biogenetics

In Biomutant mutations play a big role because through them you can unlock both light and dark Psi Powers and Biogenetics. Both Psi powers and Biogenetics are basically spells that you can unlock for your character. They each use different unlocking points. You need Psi Points for the Psi-Powers and Bio Points for Biogenetics. Psi Powers also have an interesting unlocking requirement tied in with the dark and light aura system the game has. We’ll try and untangle all the mysteries of Biomutant mutations system and also explain whether you can unlock both dark and light Psi-Powers.

Biomutant Mutations Unlock Both Light and Dark Psi Power Abilities Biogenetics

Biomutant Mutations

Mutations in Biomutant basically unlock spells, or abilities as the game calls them. One form of abilities are Psi-Powers and they are directly affected by you Ki Power stat. You unlock these abilities with psi points. They are gained by praying to Psi point shrines. There are 30+ Psionic Shrines in the game and some of them are in the open world. Easiest place to find them though are various tribe outposts. Each of them has a Psi shrine at the entrance.

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Other type of abilities are unlocked through Biogenetics. They require Bio points. These are acquired by killing certain type of enemies called Morks. They can also be found in biocontainers. These are found as part of area objectives in various places throughout the game. Visit a nearby point of interest and you’ll probably come across some biocontainers. Best sought after in biohazard plants and chug stations.

Biomutant Psi-Powers How to Unlock Both Light and Dark Psi-Powers?

Under the Psi-Power mutations in Biomutant you will notice that there are spells, or abilities as the game calls them, that have a certain requirement of light or dark points. These points are what the game calls your aura and you get them through various decisions throughout the game. Whenever you choose to do something evil you get a dark point. Light points are acquired through good deeds. Many players worry that if you chose to be good at the beginning of the game you won’t be able to unlock dark point spells and vice-versa. This is not the case. You can choose to play half the game as light and once you gain enough to unlock all light psi-powers you can start earning dark points. This will not subtract from your light points. You can be morally ambiguous in biomutant.

How to Unlock Both Light and Dark Psi Powers

Another option is to have one light side playthrough and in new game plus go down the dark path. You will keep all your abilities and gear from your first playthrough and can now get all the dark stuff. In a single playthrough you can get light points each time you rescue a prisoner. These are all marked by one of the side quests. You can also capture small critters and choose to pet and release them. To get dark points you can burn down small camps usually found near outposts. You can also decide to kill small critters you catch with your net.

Biomutant Physical Mutation

Effects of mutations found in the character menu do not change the physical appearance of your character. To physically mutate your character and change its appearance you have to find mutation spots. These are special places in the game that require one Bio Point, in exchange for which you’ll be able to change the physical appearance of your character. Check this guide out for the location of one such spot. There is also a side quest that will allow you to change the fur color and other attributes of your look. Check out our Biomutant change fur colorguide. However, this has nothing to do with the light and dark Psi-Power Abilities & Biogenetics.

Biomutant Light and Dark Psi-Powers list of abilities and requirements

We wanted to list all the Psi-Powers and the required amount of light and dark points for each so you don’t have to go through the game menus while farming your aura. We hope this helps you decide which aura and abilities to go for when planning out your Biomutant mutations.

Psi Power namePsi Power descriptionPsi Points RequiredLight/Dark Points Req.
BlazeBlaze will launch you forward and leave a trail of fire behind you.2x Psi Points
BlinkIt will teleport you in the direction you are moving and create a shockwave where you reappear.2x Psi Points
FreezeAll enemies hit by Freeze will take cold damage and the ground will become slippery and enemies will glide on it.4x Psi Points10 Light
LevitateWhile levitating, you can still use your ranged weapon and other abilities.10x Psi Points 20 Light
Ki SparkAll enemies in front of you within range will get shocked and take damage.16x Psi Points30 Light
Sizzle BallIt will make you throw the ball at an enemy in the direction you are facing, inflicting damage to the enemy you hit.4x Psi Points10 Dark
TelekinesisTo use Telekinesis, press down the input you have bound the ability to while facing an enemy or a moable object. While holding a target press the input again to launch it away.10x Psi Points20 Dark
SkysparkTo use Skyspark, press down the input you have bound the ability to. Use the movement controls to move the impact marker. Press the bound input again to confirm the impact location Skyspark can only be used when outside.16x Psi Points30 Dark
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