Biomutant Mutation Spot - Change Your Character Appearance

Mutation spots in Biomutant are special locations where you can change your character appearance. You can find these dumps of neon-green ooze in specific areas in the game, and you need to spend bio-points in order to change your looks. And even then, there’s only so much you can do with altering your shape. We’ll explain it all in our Biomutant Mutation Spot – Change Your Character Appearance guide.

biomutant mutation spot change your character appearance
Biomutant Mutation Spot – Change Your Character Appearance

How to Change Character Appearance in Biomutant Mutation Spot

To change your character appearance in Biomutant, you need to use a mutation spot. These pools of bubbling toxic goo are scattered across the map and most commonly found in biocontaminated areas, aka Bio Nucleus areas. We’ve found out first one in the Bio Nucleus 6D, in the bunker north of the nuclear plant cooling tower. In the bowels of the bunker, there’s a boss you’ll have to fight, after which you’ll get access to the large pond of bright-green slime. That’s the mutation spot where you can change your appearance.

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Now, there are some caveats you need to be aware of. The first one is that you can only change your body shape, not the color of your fur. If you want to change your fur color you’ll have to visit someone else. Now, get back to body shape character customization. You do this by moving the little dot around the circle until you find the shape that you like. This does offer you quite a bit of options, but again, you can’t change your color. The second caveat is that you have to spend one Bio-point every time you change your look. So, make sure you have the extra points.

That’s basically all there is to it when it comes to Biomutant mutation spots and how to change your character appearance. If you need help with something else, check out our other guides for this game. Among others, we’ve written, Destroy Metal Wall to Third Moth Nest in the Outpost, Is the Charisma Stat Beneficial, Talk to Jagni or Myriad Sifu – Tunnel or Motor Bridge, and many more.

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