Bloodborne Weapons - Ludwig Holy Blade Location And Stats Guide

Ludwig’s Holy Blade is a trick weapon in Bloodborne. It is a sword with two forms – a thin, long sword that is used alongside a gun, and a two-handed greatsword.
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It can be bought from the Messenger Shop after you acquire the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find Ludwig’s Holy Blade, how it looks and what it does.

Aside from looking cool, Ludwig’s Holy Blade is a must-have for other, more practical reasons, too. The one-handed form is fast and does decent damage, while the two-handed one does amazing damage, with great reach. The diverse set of moves ensures it’s efficient in most situations – the swipe is great for groups, while the charged R2 attack can stagger even the biggest monsters. It scales well with Strength and Skill, and extremely well with Arcane, so it’s appropriate for any build.

ludwig's holy blade stats and look

Where To Find Ludwig’s Holy Blade

This can only be done after you kill Blood-starved Beast. First, you need to find the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge. It is located in a chest on top of the Healing Church Workshop.

Keep in mind there are shooters on the top floor. There are a lot of enemies on the lower floor, but none are too dangerous.

The second floor is pretty nasty. There’s an enemy with a Gatling Gun waiting for you in ambush behind the stairs. There’s also a giant with a brick outside.

The Radiant Sword Hunter Badge is in the chest across the room. When you get it, you’ll unlock the option to buy Ludwig’s Holy Blade from the Messenger’s shop in Hunter’s Dream for 20,000 Blood Echoes.



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    Dick Richards

    Thanks! I cant kill the boss though.

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    After getting the badge and the radiant sword hunter badge I have an error stating (cannot equip item’s attribute not met any help ??)

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      Everything has stat requirements, so if you’re equipping a weapon check the stat requirements and get to them.

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