Download CoD Warzone without Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is an enormous game, and people have been hoping to download only Call of Duty Warzone, seeing as how that would be a much smaller file. Or, at the very least, be able to download Warzone and then delete Modern Warfare to save on HDD space. Well, we’ve tested it out both on PC and PlayStation, and we’ll present our findings in our Download CoD Warzone without Modern Warfare guide.

Download CoD Warzone without Modern Warfare
Download CoD Warzone without Modern Warfare

Can you Install Just CoD Warzone without Modern Warfare?

No, you cannot install just Call of Duty Warzone without also downloading the entirety of Modern Warfare. Even though they might have separate entries on and the PlayStation Store etc, it’ll still download and install the whole thing. If you’re a free player, it’ll gate you off from all the content of Modern Warfare, leaving you only with Warzone, but the entirety will have to be on your machine. So, you’ll have to clear out around 100 GB off your hard drive to house this absolute monstrosity, even if CoD Warzone is all you want.

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Some people that have refunded Modern Warfare or uninstalled it for whatever reason have been having some confusion over this. They think that they can’t download Warzone alone because of what they did. That’s not the case at all; as we’ve explained, the download is this big for everyone. Well, not everyone; those that already have Modern Warfare installed will only have to download an extra 20 GB or so. Which, in the end, still means that a significant chunk of your hard drive will be full, but at least you get to play the rest of the game, too.

So, there you have it. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have to download the entirety of CoD Modern Warfare even if you only want to play Warzone. If you need more help with the game, check out some of our other Warzone guides. Like, for example, How to Extract Money in Plunder, How to Drop Ammo Bug, Stuck in Training, and Killstreaks – How to Get.

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  1. M

    If you don’t own cod modern warfare you will only download ~85gb and not the whole thing.
    Unfortunately i have not seen a way to download it while owning the originial game.

  2. S

    this guide is so f*cking useless and pointless it actually hurt my brain while i was reading it

  3. D

    This article was pointless.
    You’re a great writer.

  4. S

    they are here just to make money

  5. M

    It’s 100Gb for Warzone + 80GB for the main game. Means you have to download 180GB if you bought the maingame and just want to play Warzone.

    1. A

      in pc
      use modify install to select what you want to install

  6. D

    I want to download the game without warezone, i dont play it, so why is this game so f*cked. Sorry for the proper words in this review, but it’s true, what’s wrong with developers and designers these days, just bring back the old games so companies stop degrading the gamer world. Why do most call of duty games get f*cked by their own company?, tired of glitchy, laggy, bad layouts, gameplay is terrible, to easy to mod and hack, to many pc’s in cross play, should never bring a noncosol into the consol life, bad move, bad idea, gaming is going down hill fast.

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