CoD Warzone How to Extract Money in Plunder

Extracting money, or depositing Cash, is the main game mechanic in Plunder Mode in Call of Duty Warzone. The goal of the Plunder Mode is to deposit as much Cash as you can, and there are two methods to do so – the Cash Deposit Balloons and the Piggy Bank Helicopter. Both of these methods can be a bit problematic to figure out, and both have their advantages and drawbacks. Our CoD Warzone How to Extract Money in Plunder guide is going to show you how to deposit Cash in Plunder Mode using the Piggy Bank Helicopter and Cash Deposit Balloons.

CoD Warzone How to Extract Money in Plunder
CoD Warzone How to Extract Money in Plunder

How to Extract Cash with Piggy Bank Helicopter?

To extract cash with a Piggy Bank helicopter in Call of Duty Warzone Plunder Mode, the first order of business is to get to one of the piggy bank icons on the map. Approach the helipad and call the helicopter. It’s gonna take a few seconds to arrive, during which time you’d better find a hiding spot. Enemy players will get a notification that you’ve called the chopper, so they might gang up to kill and rob you.

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Anyway, when the helicopter arrives, run over and deposit all the cash that you want. It can carry an unlimited amount of money, so you can shove as much as you want in there. Just keep a lookout for enemy players at all times. After a little while, the chopper will take off, and your money will be safe.

how to extract cash with piggy bank helicopter cod warzone plunder
Go to a helipad marked as a piggy bank on the map

The perks of the Piggy Bank helicopter are that it’s free, and that it can take unlimited amounts of money. However, you will be more or less sitting ducks for an uncomfortable amount of time. So, you have to be very careful when using them. Luckily, there is an alternative, which does have its own drawbacks. That brings us to our next point.

How to Extract Cash with Cash Deposit Balloon?

To extract cash with the Deposit Balloon in Plunder Mode in CoD Warzone, you’ll first need to obtain one. You can sometimes randomly find them lying around, or sometimes from chests. If you can’t find one, you’ll have to purchase it from one of the Buy Stations. Then, when you have a Deposit Balloon, you can deploy it wherever you want. Once you do, you have a limited amount of time to deposit up to $150k in it before it leaves.

The advantages of the Deposit Balloon is that you can deploy it somewhere safe instead of being wide open for murder and robbery. The bad sides are that you either have to have luck to find a Balloon or spend money on it, and it can only carry $150,000. So, yeah, both extraction methods have their ups and downs; you’ll have to use them both strategically. Good luck.

deposit balloon how to extract cod warzone plunder mode cash
You can find Deposit Balloons randomly, or buy them

If you want more info on the Plunder mode in Warzone, check out our Plunder Mode – How it Works guide. Or, if you need help with something else, allow me to redirect you to some of our other Warzone guides. Among others, we’ve written Lobby Won’t Fill, People Leaving & Match Can’t Start and How to Drop Ammo Bug, Stuck in Training.

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