Nioh 2 Co-op How to Play with Friends

Playing co-op multiplayer with friends in Nioh 2 is a mechanic that allows you to invite a friend into the game to help you tackle difficult challenges. All you have to do is create a custom lobby and invite who you want; however, you might not be able to figure out how to play Nioh 2 in coop. Moreover, there are some other details about the Nioh 2 co-op that you should be aware of. With all that said, we’re going to show you how to play Nioh 2 in coop multiplayer, as well as how to create a custom lobby and the pros and cons of coop in our Nioh 2 Co-op How to Play with Friends guide.

Nioh 2 Co-op How to Play with Friends
Nioh 2 Co-op How to Play with Friends

How to Play Coop Multiplayer with Friends in Nioh 2?

To play Nioh 2 in co-op with friends, the first step is to go to Starting Point on the world map. Then, select Torii Gate, and from there, you should have the option to create a custom lobby. Make the lobby private, and your friend will be able to search for it on their side so they can join in on the fun. Naturally, if you have more friends that are playing the game, you’ll have to set a password to link with the exact person you want.

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Now, playing Nioh 2 in co-op has its advantages, but they naturally come with drawbacks to balance the scales. For example, when playing in coop mode, you can resurrect mid-fight to avoid losing a life, which is really neat, right? Well, that comes at a serious cost. Namely, there don’t seem to be any checkpoints anywhere. So, if you and your buddy spend all of your lives while, say, fighting a boss, you’ll have to start the whole mission over. On top of that, you lose one bar per each player death, so you don’t have separate life counters to lean back on.

In other words, exercise the utmost caution, and try not to die until you reach the boss, at which point, all bets are off, really. The important takeaway is that you can’t go full cowboy and expect things to be a breeze just because there’s two of you. You’ll have to be just as careful as you’d be if you were alone.

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