How to Start Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Legendary lost sectors are a new activity in Destiny 2. Despite the name, they have absolutely nothing to do with regular lost sectors. Driven by this clear attempt at subterfuge on Bungie’s part, a lot of folks have been wondering how to start legendary lost sectors in Destiny 2, since nothing they tried in regular ones made any kind of difference.

how to start legendary lost sector destiny 2
How to Start Legendary Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 legendary lost sector

Once again, legendary lost sectors aren’t actually related to regular lost sectors. Like you, we tried going to the latter ones, looking for a way to make them legendary. Time and energy wasted, never to be regained. However, we did learn the truth in the end, no thanks to Bungie.

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Legendary lost sectors are actually adventures, but they are inaccessible until you’ve activated the Seraph bunkers. This is done by following the quest line from the new season – as soon as you buy an upgrade in the EDZ bunker, it’ll light up, allowing you to feed it chipsets in order to raise the rank, and unlocking the computer terminal to the left of the bunch of hanging screens. If you interact with the terminal, you’ll start the legendary lost sector.

It’s the same with the other two bunkers, which you’ll unlock further on down the line. The problem is that a bunch of daily bounties you can get from the EDZ bunker reference these lost sectors – bounties which you have to complete in order to activate the bunker, referencing an activity that’s available only after you’ve activated the bunker. It’s easy to see the problem with this one, isn’t it?

Anyhow, you should forget about clearing the legendary lost sectors for a while. The enemies inside have a four digit power level, and you won’t stand a chance. Simply avoid the bounties that require you to complete these, or find other ways to complete them.

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