Automatic Love Cyberpunk 2077 - Angel or Skye Quest Guide - Enter VIP area, Woodman

In Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love picking Angel or Skye is a major choice during this main story quest. You are investigating what happened to Evelyn Parker and this fork in the road will result in different experiences during this quest. There are several choices you will have to make during Automatic Love. Choosing what you say to Judy has a slight influence on her disposition towards you. You will have to find a way into the VIP area. Lastly you will have to persuade Woodman to help find Evelyn. We will discuss all of these and you can skip spoilers by reading just the section you are interested about. Primarily we will help you decided whether to pick Angel or Skye Cyberpunk choice in Automatic Love quest.

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Angel or Skye Cyberpunk Automatic Love

Automatic Love – Meet with Judy – conversation choices and consequences

You’ll get a call from Judy to meet her at Lizzie’s Bar. She is in her room in the basement arguing with Susie Q. Once you start talking to her you should ask about Evelyn and she will become defensive. That gives you a dialogue choice. Choices bolded bellow are the correct ones if you want to maintain good standing with Judy. She is one of the very few romancable characters in the game so make sure you pick right.

  • Not your concern.
  • Sounds to me like you two talked.
  • Just need to know who hired her. (requires 5 cool)

If you decide to be evasive during your conversation with Judy future conversations will reflect that. Be direct and honest to stay on her good side in the future. Evelyn is her best friend after all and she is worried for her well-being. If you picked the third option you will get the dialogue options bellow. Be reassuring. Pick up Evelyn’s cigarette case and go to Clouds.

  • Sure, give you a call.
  • Sorry, no promises.
  • Better if I didn’t.

Angel or Skye Cyberpunk?

You can enter Clouds only in the evening. Go to the main game menu and use the skip time feature to anything past 7pm and before midnight. Talking to the clerk you will have to pay the money and then pick whether your doll will be Angel or Skye. You will also be asked to choose what your safe word will be. It doesn’t really matter which safe word you choose, but we picked Samurai to suck up to Johnny. Let me tell you that the Angel or Skye Cyberpunk choice has no consequence either. Both dolls have very similar dialogues and cutscenes. Pick the one whose appearance you fancy more, Angel is a boy and Skye is a girl. One is in booth 6 and one is in 9. We recommend you don’t use your safe word and experience the whole, slightly ethereal, doll cutscenes. However, things you choose during your conversation with the doll give important information about Evelyn.

Automatic Love Angel or Skye Cyberpunk 2077

Angel or Skye Cyberpunk best conversation choices

To get the most info ask about Evelyn at every opportunity. There will be both blue and gold conversation options for this. Your goal is to find out the number of the booth she performed in and how to get inside it. Ask the doll for his or her help (Need your help. Please.). Pick the blue conversation option when you have the gold option to ask who Tom is. You will then ask about which booth it happened in and then ask about how to get in there. If you didn’t do the conversations correctly go to booth 11. If you have the Technical ability at level 5 you can open the door. Do the investigation of the scene there. Scan the blood stain on the wall, hidden camera next to it and port frame next to the bed. Check the security feed by playing the projection on the Holoview device. You can then go to the VIP section to talk to Tom and Woodman.

VIP Area Access in the Clouds – Cyberpunk 2077 Automatic Love

There are several ways for you to access the VIP area of the Clouds. You will witness a conversation between the guard and the bouncer and the gourd will go to the restroom to the left. This is the easiest way to gain access. Follow the guard to the restroom and incapacitate him. Loot the VIP access keycard from him and then you’re free to enter the VIP area. You can fight your way in, but you don’t have any weapons. Again, the guy in the restroom is carrying a weapon so you can get it from him. You can force open the door to the right of the restroom with high enough Body attribute. Either way your next step is to talk to Tom to find out where Woodman is.

Woodman conversation options

Angel or Skye Cyberpunk choice wasn’t the most important one in Automatic Love. Talking to Woodman will have consequences in later quests for example, but lets first reach him. After you talk to Tom in booth 2 he will tell you where Woodman is. Wait for the guard to move from the door and disable the camera above it. Sneak into the hostile area and turn left into the private lounge. There’s a Tyger Claw you can stealth eliminate and go through the door across the room to reach Woodman’s office. IF you manage to get to Woodman in a peaceful way there are various way to end the conversation. If you kill him that will have consequences with an important later side quest as will letting him live.

You can cut a deal with woodman if you investigated Evelyn’s booth as we suggested previously. Pick “You look like a reasonable man – let’s make a deal.” and if you have intelligence level 7 offer to help with his netrunner problem. Choose Tit for tat – only if you help me and when you get the option answer with 7 intelligence answer to hold up to your end of the bargain. Everything else can result in Woodman turning hostile. As corpo lifepath you can also cut a deal by hinting tthat he has no idea who is behind Tyger Claws and that Evelyn is linked to Arasaka.

Threatening Woodman can be successful by threatening to reveal everything to the media. (If you scanned the evidence in booth 11 previously). Depending on whether you did some other side jobs previously you’ll other conversation options to successfully threaten him (Jotaro Shobo gig). If you don’t say anything aggressive and choose “Your bosses should know how you treat customers” and “You’re higher up than I thought.” you will also get the info. Lastly, if you kill Woodman you will have to inspect his office for evidence and fight your way out of Clouds. Don’t forget to pick up your gear at the entrance!

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