Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Romance

Judy is one of the characters you can romance in Cyberpunk 2077. She’s a braindance technician, and a member of the Moxes. In order to establish a relationship with her, you’ll have to complete a bunch of side quests, and pick the right choices in several conversations. Completing her story will also unlock the Judy vs Night City achievement. If you’re wondering what exactly you need to do in order to bed her, our Cyberpunk 2077 Judy romance guide will show you the way.

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cyberpunk 2077 judy romance
Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Romance

How to romance Judy?

First of all, if you’ve picked a male character, you won’t be able to romance Judy. She prefers women – this means a female body type and voice. Before you can start doing side jobs for her, you’ll have to complete the Space in Between main job. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have to wait for a certain number of real world hours to go by in the game – about ten. Don’t sweat it – just keep playing, and after a while, Judy will ring you up with a job offer.

Cyberpunk 2077 Judy Romance with Male V

There’s no way you can develop a romance with Judy as male V. The farthest you’ll get is a close friendship, which is like a romance, but without the adult rated parts. She’ll give you a kiss on the cheek after you’ve completed her story, though.

Both Sides Now quest

This is the first side job you get from Judy. You’ll have to help her cope with Evelyn’s death, and the choices you can make here are rather limited. Just be there for her and help her get through the tough time.

Once the quest is done, you’ll have to wait again – about 12 hours passed in real time before we got the next job.

One thing to mention is that there is a bug where Judy just refuses to call you to begin this quest of hers, even if you do go to Pacifica. The one consistent way to dislodge this bug is to load and older save, then go back your most recent one. Apparently, completing a few main and side quests, then returning to Pacifica can also work.

Ex-factor quest

When you get this quest, you’ll have to head to Clouds and talk to Maiko. It’s going to be a rough conversation, and it will end poorly no matter what you choose. The only real choice is whether to kill or spare Woodman – Judy is all for offing the bastard, so go ahead and do it.

The quest will be over soon afterwards, and you’ll have to wait about two and a half hours until you get the next one via holo.

Talking About a Revolution quest

You’ll first get a few messages from Judy – wait 24h of in-game time by using the time skip option, and she’ll call you. You’ll end up in her apartment, where she’ll explain the details of the plan. You can bicker wit Maiko here, but the only real choice is whether to accept payment or refuse it. We refused.

The next quest will start in about an hour of real time, so just go do something else until you’re needed.

Pisces quest

This is the one where you’re supposed to infiltrate Hiromi’s penthouse and rough him up a bit. Except it doesn’t really turn out that way, and you’re faced with a difficult choice. What you pick here will determine the future of Clouds, and Maiko’s plan is different from Judy’s – we suggest you go for the option where Clouds declares its independence. This way you’ll kill everyone except Maiko. This was Judy’s initial wish, and she’ll react best to that outcome. You mustn’t go along with Maiko’s plan, or accept money from her. Since this quest is very complicated, we decided to write a detailed guide Cyberpunk 2077 Pisces – Kill Maiko Choice.

Once it’s done, you’ll have to wait some more before you get a call from Judy again. As to the question of whether you can still romance Judy if you kill Maiko, the answer is maybe. However I would definitely spare Maiko if at all possible.

Pyramid song quest

The is the last quest in the chain – the one where you finally get to do the deed. The only choice that makes any difference here is to accept or refuse her offer to go diving. Since you’re trying to get into her pants, there’s no sense in refusing.

If you did everything right and did not choose obviously hostile dialogue options you will be able to romance Judy Alvarez.

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