Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire Bug Solution

Love Like Fire bug in Cyberpunk 2077 is an error that you can run into during the “Wait for the helicopter to descend” step. What happens to some people is, the helicopter keeps circling the building instead of landing, which is necessary to proceed with the CP2077 Love Like Fire mission. There is one potential solution to this problem, and you better hope it works, because otherwise, you’re locked out of the rest of the game. We’ll show you what you can do in our Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire Bug Solution guide.

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cyberpunk 2077 love like fire bug solution
Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire Bug Solution

How to Fix Love Like Fire Cyberpunk 2077 Bug – Wait for Helicopter to Descend

To fix the Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire bug, where you wait for the helicopter to descend and it just keeps circling around, there’s only one thing that you can do. Make sure that all the people on the rooftop below are well and truly deceased. See, what can happen is that some of them drop as if they’re gone, but are actually just knocked down. That makes their outline disappear, but they’re still alive. So, make sure that you double-tap every single body that’s laying on the floor, as it were.

If that doesn’t work, well, then you might be stuck. Reloading the save, or restarting the game or your console / launcher might be the only other thing for you to try to solve the Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire bug. That, of course, is by no means a guaranteed fix. If none of those things work, then you might have to start the game over, or wait patiently for some kind of patch to fix it. But, before all that, make absolutely certain that everyone on that rooftop is well and truly dead.

This, of course, is far from the only bug that you’ll encounter while playing Cyberpunk 2077. We’ve managed to find solutions for some of them, so check those guides out, too. For example, we’ve got The Ripperdoc Talk to Viktor Bug Solution, Jackie Missing in The Pickup Bug Fix, and Cyberpunk 2077 Trees Glitch Fix.

If you need help with anything else in the game, we have guides for you to check out. For example, if you don’t know how to remove the virus from the chip and find the Militech Datashard correct cack sequence we can help. Or, can you save Jackie in Cyberpunk 2077? We'll also help with your first Cyberpunk 2077 braindance during the Information quest.

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  1. C

    Totally broke my game, helicopter just keeps circling and won’t land, can’t kill the century guns and killed and double tapped the people for sure. Restarted the game, restarted the console, time to start a new save I guess.

    1. J

      I just keep circling I have killed everyone including the turrets but there is a highlighted gun on the ground that could be the problem but otherwise nothing else is happening.

      1. S

        It looks like the game registered the outlined gun as an enemy. Once I killed that gun the heli landed.

    2. D

      Did starting a new save, let you play threw the love like fire bug?

    3. S

      Reverting back to game version 1.00 allows you to get past this bug! The bug was implemented in one of the patches it seems. I lost a lot of progress doing so due to save files being corrupted all the way til the save just before I updated, so be warned that doing this may cause you to have to start from scratch..

  2. W
    Walter Davis

    Yeah this didn’t work because my bug isn’t even letting me destroy the turrets. I just want to play the game. This sucks. I’m thinking of just starting a new character tho.

  3. V

    Same problem, turrets don’t take damage. But I’m NOT going through it all again just to find it’s the same. Not building confidence for the rest if there’s a GAME BREAKING BUG this early on….

  4. D
    Dobrin Petrov

    After the third time, it landed for me. Just take your time do it slowly wait for all enemies to come and take them real slow and accurate 🙂 I took out first the turrents.

  5. V

    Well done, Dobrin, you fixed the problem of flying in a circle WITH ALL ENEMIES DEAD, which this article CAN help you with. But what’s the fix for flying in a circle WITH ALL TURRETS UNHARMED because they DON’T register damage???? All the care and time in the world ISN’T going to fix this bug as a player, the care and time has to be from CDPROJEKT RED….. tech support, please.

    1. J

      Dude fkg chill.. wtf

      1. X

        He’s absolutely correct, YOU chill. lmao

  6. S

    Yeah this is ridiculous

  7. V

    Not an ideal fix, and won’t work for many, but I might have a “solution”. WARNING; most helpful if you played without the day 1 update and have a save from it. Roll back the game to v1.0.0.4 (from disc, sorry digital owners), DO NOT UPDATE. Play offline, loading the last save you have BEFORE the update, play through to the helicopter landing (notice there are NO TURRETS….), go DOWN THE STAIRS TO THE AREA OUTSIDE THE DOOR. Make a save (I made 2 to be safe). Shutdown the game and apply the update. Continue on from the new save.
    Note: The best way to do this is with an external hdd, move the updated version (v1.0.0.6) to your external and disconnect it, go offline and install from disc to internal, once you need the updated version delete the internal copy (DON’T DELETE SAVE GAME DATA), go online/connect external, you’re good to go. I lost 5+ hours of character development to do this, and saw all the ridiculously stupid bugs and gameplay that made me want the update (prepaid IP) to begin with, but if it gets me OUT of watson it (might) be worth it. Also, the reason for going downstairs before saving is because when you load, with the update applied, THE TURRETS ARE ON THE ROOF AND STILL DON’T REGISTER DAMAGE.
    Hope this helps some….

    1. V

      Forgot to mention, I’m playing on XBox One X.

      1. A

        I had the same problem killed all the guards, destroyed the turrets, turned out there was a gun highlighted red on the ground when I shot it the helicopter descended

        1. V

          NOT the same problem. PAY ATTENTION AND THINK WHILE READING. If you destroyed the turrets you are NOT EXPERIENCING THE SAME BUG. The article at the top is for YOUR issue, I, and a few others aren’t stupid enough to not try shooting the KNOCKED DOWN npcs, and are experiencing a bug that HASN’T been addressed.

          Understand this; confirmation of needing the fix at the top of the page is an announcement of your stupidity.

        2. C
          Cheyne Estanique

          I don’t think the update is the issue because I started my game after the 1.04 update and I still encounters this bug. The turrets don’t take any damage at all.

  8. A
    A wood

    Yip I have tried it all the heli wont take damage the gun turrets wont either,gone back a few saves,restarted it,gone slowly, this game sux,I’m not restarting from start of game also been stuck in the strip club yesterday and had to redo mission from old save this game should not have been released in this state,feel like I have been ripped off@

    1. V

      Have you seen it unpatched? I can’t understand how, after adamantly denying setting a release date and STAYING TIGHT LIPPED, cdpr made the decision to make a 180° turn, set a release date, showed in-game footage, take preorders and THINK the game was ready to be published at v1.0.0.4. It’s obvious it wasn’t close enough to stability to warrant such actions, and I’m speculating it was Bandai that put enough pressure on the devs to make them do it. After that the anticipation and hype built up TOO QUICKLY to change their course and go back to the SMART PLAN they had originally, which was “it’ll be released WHEN IT’S READY”. The pos we’re playing is BECAUSE OF IMPATIENT CHILDREN AND CHILDISH SHAREHOLDERS (is there any other kind???). Hope someone learns from this MISTAKE…..

  9. U

    Found a possible solution, kill the human enemies first, and then the turrets, In particular save the one in the middle for last, I am convinced that’s where the main bug lies

    1. V

      No, it isn’t. If you can damage the turrets you AREN’T getting the same bug. Read ALL the comments. Anyone else getting sick of people WHO DON’T UNDERSTAND?

      1. A

        Hey man, I get it. This game has been buggy as hell and the creators absolutely need to get their act together and fix this game. But getting mad at people who are sincerely just trying to help is the worst thing to do. Believe me, the last thing I want to do right now is be patient and stay calm. But the only way we are going to get through this situation is by being unified. And we can’t do that if we’re snapping at each other.

      2. O

        You’re really helping us all out here bud, great idea to get mad at people for trying to help you. I think maybe you need the update and work, not the game.

      3. M

        This bug hit me, took all enjoyment out of game now. Was into story too. Reloaded alot same issue. Is this gonna be like the deacon npc bug in fallout 4. That bug stoped all progression in main story of game. And it was never fixed.

  10. J

    To PC players who can’t damage turrets: download a trainer with one-hit-kill option, activate it. Worked for me.

  11. A

    I had this bug and was able to fix it by starting a new game, which sucked of course to have to go through everything all over again but I was able to actually damage and kill the turrets this time around and after killing everything the heli finally landed and I was able to progress into Act 2. I am pretty sure the error was due to the fact that I created my character and started my game on v1.0 (no day 1 patch installed yet) and then after I realized there was an update, I updated to v1.02 and continued. I installed v1.04 when it released thinking it would fix the indestructible turret bug but it didn’t. So when I started a new game on v1.04 I didn’t encounter that bug. So if you started your game before installing any updates then updated that’s probably why it’s bugged and unfortunately you will have to start a new game unless they patch it soon.

    Hope this helps even though it’s kinda sucky news!

  12. J

    I had the same problem, turrets wouldn’t take any damage. Finally started a new game after 1.04 patch, same lifepath, and it worked. Sucked to start over but it worked.

  13. S

    Woot.. I was randomly shooting and started seeing damage numbers popup around the turret that is diagonally opposite the white door that you need to enter. Not the turret itself but the ground near the turret. Guessing there is a body stuck in the roof or something, i dunno, but I am on to the next mission. You hidden body could be anywhere. Just hold the trigger down and mow the roof. i would start around turrets maybe. again, not the turret itself, around the turret. good luck.

  14. A

    Dunno about the turrets not taking damage bug, but if you ARE able to kill all enemies and turrets and heli won’t go down it might be because you killed enemies coming up the stairs before they got on the roof. did this the first time, couldn’t progress. reloaded my save and let the enemies come all the way up the stairs before killing them and was then able to progress. hope this helps

  15. A

    This is WRONG the turrets are bugged because you started without the patch then downloaded it just start a new game same life path same whatever, It DOESN’T MATTER!!! On your second play through the turrets will take damage!!!!!!!

  16. R

    I encountered this issue on Corpo lifepath yesterday, the turrets were invincible. Most of the forums said restarting the game on a new save fixes the issue as it’s to do with different patches on a single save. It worked for me, but I had to blast through the game up until that point first (took about 1.5 hours if you skip everything. If I’d have put 10+ hours into the game prior to this point I wouldn’t have bothered, thankfully I’d only had about 3 hours total invested before the bug.

  17. M

    It could be fixed by fling trainer . i did it and it worked

  18. M

    I can kill the turrets no problem. But the people on the roof are invincible. They take no damage. This is after the Patch on the 19th.

  19. A

    So my heli is stuck and i killed everything that i can see and kept shooting at the door that 3 enemies came out of and got a damage number output so im assuming they are not coming out of the door…

    1. A

      Yep.. one of them was stuck i just killed 3 – 5 people not turrets and kept shooting at the door until all 4 came out and the heli just landed right after

      1. C
        Christopher Antoniello

        Just shoot the red highlighted gun. It will land

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