Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire Bug Solution

Love Like Fire bug in Cyberpunk 2077 is an error that you can run into during the “Wait for the helicopter to descend” step. What happens to some people is, the helicopter keeps circling the building instead of landing, which is necessary to proceed with the CP2077 Love Like Fire mission. There is one potential solution to this problem, and you better hope it works, because otherwise, you’re locked out of the rest of the game. We’ll show you what you can do in our Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire Bug Solution guide.

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cyberpunk 2077 love like fire bug solution
Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire Bug Solution

How to Fix Love Like Fire Cyberpunk 2077 Bug – Wait for Helicopter to Descend

To fix the Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire bug, where you wait for the helicopter to descend and it just keeps circling around, there’s only one thing that you can do. Make sure that all the people on the rooftop below are well and truly deceased. See, what can happen is that some of them drop as if they’re gone, but are actually just knocked down. That makes their outline disappear, but they’re still alive. So, make sure that you double-tap every single body that’s laying on the floor, as it were.

If that doesn’t work, well, then you might be stuck. Reloading the save, or restarting the game or your console / launcher might be the only other thing for you to try to solve the Cyberpunk 2077 Love Like Fire bug. That, of course, is by no means a guaranteed fix. If none of those things work, then you might have to start the game over, or wait patiently for some kind of patch to fix it. But, before all that, make absolutely certain that everyone on that rooftop is well and truly dead.

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