Armor of The Sun | Dark Souls 3

Armor of the Sun is a set of armor in Dark Souls 3. It was worn by the Knight Solaire of Astora, a popular character from the first DkS.
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You can get it in the new game through a series of events – but you’ll have to plan in advance. This guide will show you how to get Armor of The Sun in Dark Souls 3, what it looks like and its stats.

How to get Solaire’s Armor

First, you’ll need to buy the Tower Key from the Handmaid for 20,000 souls. This will let you access the roof of Firelink Shrine, which is where you’ll find the Crow Merchants. Each piece of armor from this set is obtained through trading with the crows. Here’s what you’ll need to gather, and how to get it:
  • Iron Helm: Lightning Urn – Greirat starts selling them at one point. If you don’t want to spent money, go to the entrance to Castle Lothric, jump off the bridge and go through the door on the right. Climb the stairs and look behind the crates.
  • Armor of The Sun: Siegbrau – The only way to get this precious liquid is by helping Siegward of Catarina. Solve the first of his many problems, and he’ll give you a pint. If you’ve already spent that one, don’t worry – he’ll give you another one at a later point.
  • Iron Bracelets: Homeward Bone – You probably have a bunch of these laying about. If not, the Handmaiden sells them.
  • Iron Leggings: Seed of a Tree of Giants – It drops from the petrified tree outside of Firelink Shrine, near the tower entrance. You have to get invaded about 10 times in order for it to drop.

Solaire Armor Description & Stats

Said to be the armor of a Knight of Sunlight from a previous age. Has no particular powers, but is of fine quality, and evidently well taken care of.

The Armor of The Sun is a medium-weight set that is completely plain, as far as performance is concerned. It only seemed good at the time thanks to the skill of its owner. If you’re not nostalgic for those grossly incandescent days, there’s no reason to wear it. On the other hand, how could you not be?