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Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring is an item in Dark Souls 3. If you are playing as a caster you’ll want to get this ring, as it greatly boosts sorceries. You can find it in the first half of the game. This guide will show you how to get Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring in Dark Souls 3, what it looks like and its stats.

Where to find Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

Area: Irithyll Dungeon
The Closest Bonfire: Irithyll Dungeon
  1. To get to Irithyll Dungeon you first have to defeate Deacons of the Deep. Once they are defeated, you can get to Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and the Distant Manor bonfire. From this bonfire, a path leads to the Irithyll Dungeon later on.
  2. First order of business is to find the Jailbreaker’s Key. This key is on the higher floor of the Dungeon. You have to walk over the bridge from the bonfire and go through a couple of cells to find the key inside another cell. This key opens up the shortcut from the second floor of Irithyll Dungeon to the other part of the area.
  3. As soon as you enter Irithyll Dungeon and go all the way to the right, you’ll find the door that the Jailbreaker’s Key unlocks. From here, drop down to the platform with the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring.

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring Description & Stats

A special ring given to those who are deemed fit to undertake the journey of discovery in Vinheim, home of sorcery.
Greatly boosts sorceries.
Apropos to the Dragon School, the seal depicts an everlasting dragon. A bellowing dragon symbolizes the true nature of the consummate sorcerer.

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