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There are three Clutch Rings in Dark Souls 3. When worn, they increase the appropriate non-physical attack but reduce your damage absorption.
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Fire Clutch is found near the start of the game, while Magic Clutch and Lighting Clutch are in the latter half. In this guide, we’re going to show you the Clutch Ring locations in Dark Souls 3.

Fire Clutch Ring

Area: Undead Settlement
The Closest Bonfire: Cliff Underside if you have it discovered, Undead Settlement if not.

  1. Once you’re at the bonfire, head to the nearby house deeper in the area.
  2. Leave the house and go over the wooden bridge.
  3. Once you go over the stone bridge, some enemies will start dropping bombs on you. If you keep to your left here, you’ll see some sort of torture device. Go behind it and you’ll find a small hidden path that leads to the exact location where the Fire Clutch Ring is.
  4. The Cliff Underside bonfire is found in the basement of the house with the bombing enemies. You might want to visit this area as well, as it is where you’ll find the old pyromancer NPC Cornyx of The Great Swamp.

Magic Clutch Ring Location

Area: Irithyll of the Boreal Valley
The Closest Bonfire: Church of Yorshka or Pontiff Sulyvahn (if the boss is dead)

  1. In front of the entrance to Pontiff Sulyvahn’s room is the brightest part of this area. There is a throne-looking structure at its center.
  2. Next to this structure, there are stairs that lead to into a wall. This is an Illusory Wall. Hit it to reveal a secret path to the Magic Clutch Ring.

Lighting Clutch Ring

Area: Archdragon Peak
The Closest Bonfire: Archdragon Peak

  1. Archdragon Peak is a hidden area. If you don’t know how to find it, follow our Archdragon Peak Secret Area Guide.
  2. To enter the Peak compound and fight the first boss, you’ll have to open the metal gate by pulling the lever. There is a hidden path to the left from this door and the mechanism.
  3. Follow this path until you reach the end, where the Lighting Clutch Ring is.

Clutch Rings Description & Stats

Ring depicting a hand grasping a stone. Increases elemental attack, but compromises damage absorption.
An old fable in Londor claims that the lure of the clutch ring reaches out to the crestfallen, who might otherwise be overcome by despair.

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