Curse Ward Greatshield | Dark Souls 3

Curse Ward Greatshield is one of the many shields in Dark Souls 3. This greatshield has a unique look.
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Its size and look fit perfectly with its skill, which is allowing you to use the weapon’s skill. Maximum physical, great magic and dark absorption come with a great price – 17 weight and a minimum of 34 strength points needed. This guide will show you how to obtain Curse Ward Greatshield in Dark Souls 3, its stats and look.

How to obtain Curse Ward Greatshield

Area: Cathedral of the Deep
The Closest Bonfire: Cleansing Chapel

  1. To get to the Cathedral of the Deep area and the Cleansing Chapel bonfire, you have to kill the Crystal Sage Boss.
  2. Warp to the Cleansing Chapel and go through a graveyard toward the rooftops of the Cathedral. As you start climbing up the stone stairs, look around for a small mausoleum-looking building.
  3. Inside this small building is the item you’re – Curse Ward Greatshield. Also, you’ll find the top of a long ladder that serves as a shortcut once you examine it.

Curse Ward Greatshield Description & Stats

Greatshield given to those who resisted the curse long ago.
Far too heavy for an ordinary person. perhaps it signifies the foolishness of resisting the curse.
And yet, those who bear the weight of this shield will not find its protections against curses wanting.
Skill: Weapon Skill.

Although it’s a little lacking in stability (for a greatshield), it does offer quite decent absorption. It also blocks a lot of incoming curse build-up, which makes it perfect for enemies like the things infecting the dragons in Lothric Castle, which spew cursed projectiles. The biggest down side is the weight.

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